The real world and virtual.

XXI century - the "information age."An integral part of the lives of people become computer.But how does it affect society?

Nowadays it is difficult to imagine life without the latest technology.But, for example, the computer has on society, both positive and negative effects.Home opportunity he gives us - is access to the Internet.Internet - The World Wide Web is a global network that allows users to search for information of interest, contact with people who are in a different point of the Earth.It also helps children in school, adults in work, gives the opportunity to see other towns of the country and does a lot of cool features.

At the same time, the Internet has and negative effects on a person.Now it is very common so-called "virtual dependency".A person who spends a long time at the computer, in particular on social networks starts to get used to the "virtual life".He sits all day in front of the monitor and forget about everyday problems of the people who surround him, ceases to feel the line between the real world and the virtual.Many scientists believe this behavior is mental illness, from which there are no medicines.Unfortunately, the number of people with the disease is increasing.

Most often, this problem concerns young people.Now there are a lot of social networking, the most popular in Russia is the "VKontakte".She appeared not so long ago, in 2006, but has already managed to gain more than 100 million. Users.Each user has their own page where he talks about himself, his preferences, communicating with friends, shares his thoughts.With this social network a person can free to watch movies, listen to music, create groups and discuss any problems.People are engaged in favorite business without leaving home.

Another well-known social network - "Classmates".It is not recorded such a large number of people and according to statistics, in the main, not the youth and the older generation."Classmates" were created in order to allow users to find their friends who have lost touch, perhaps even distant relatives, which for some reason do not communicate.But then there are the same functions as in "VKontakte".

Of course, all these features are very helpful for people to escape from their problems, to relax, to learn a lot, but unfortunately, many do not think that the social network - this is not the real world and forget about their daily lives, and appears"virtual relationship" on which it is very difficult to get rid of.

I believe that social networks, of course, benefit, but people should try to spend more time not to them, and their lives and others, in fact much more pleasant to chat with the person at the meeting, to see his emotions, smile, than the whole day to spend forcomputer and lose those happy moments, which then did not return.I hope that people will realize this and begin to appreciate their lives and will spend their time usefully.