Why dream of gold earrings or how to manage their lives?

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The fact that diamonds - a girl's best friend, the whole world knows.Women say it proudly, almost arrogantly, and men - gritting his teeth and twisting inside wallets.Especially greedy ladies see diamonds even in a dream, and is usually attached to them a handsome prince on a black "Ferrari".This dream hardly portends some bad things, and most likely more shows the character of a dreamer than predict the future.But what to expect from tomorrow, if the dream of gold?For good or a dream?Gold earrings and see - what?

It all depends on the context

extremely positively interpreted the dream is impossible, and the value of his largely depends on the context.It is believed that the gold in the whole dream to a large fortune, but the man who dreamed of the above-mentioned decoration, do not expect anything from the future good.This dream says that soon he will have to face a very responsible thing.Perhaps it will be something like buying a diamond necklace for his passion.

Gold - that are equally nice in life, and in his sleep

Many women think that's what dreams gold earrings, especially if they saw a dream in the night from Thursday to Friday.You would think that a prophetic dream, and you will soon halt happiness in the form of two cute little earrings, but the value may be much deeper.That dream may mean that your boss is planning to promote you or increase your salary.Also, gold earrings, seen in a dream may be a portent pleasant acquaintance with successful and handsome young man.And this is what dreams gold earrings and a busy young girl?This may mean getting married soon.But be careful - the marriage can be an ax to grind.If a woman dreams that she preens before a mirror and putting on earrings, it may indicate the proximity of a beautiful romance.In any case, you should also try to remember how much gold was in the earrings.The most of them were cast in the precious metal, the more luck this dream means.This is what dreams gold earrings!

it always brings a wealth of success?

But not always such a dream will mean something good.You can draw an analogy with real life.If at least superficially acquainted with the history of the world, it must be noted that most human misfortunes happened because of the infinite riches.The same is observed in a dream.For example, if in a dream earrings presented - a good luck, but if you have lost - then wait for trouble.And this is what dreams gold earrings that you are selling to someone?Perhaps it promises the loss of a close friend or loved one, and in general does not mean anything good.There is another very interesting interpretation that may mean like a dream.Gold earrings, a woman who asks her rival, could mean that there was a potential risk that a man will take her for his mistress.Just keep in a dream decoration - a valuable acquisition, but drop earrings undesirable.This is considered a sign of loss of valuable items or important contacts.

Nothing better predicts the future diary

valuable find in life as in dreams - always in a good mood.Find your dream gold earrings is to find a good friend in the near future.They say that this is exactly the symbol of fortune favors.Perhaps the people who saw this dream will soon become rich or get one of the top positions at the company.But to find and lose the dream gold earrings - rather neutral character.Maybe something good will come to you just as easily as it will go.However, the advance should not be upset - their fate we still administer themselves.You can pay attention to the ever, but you can not allow him to manage their intentions and decisions.Always use common sense, and then happiness will surely come to you.