Solve a dream: to die in his sleep - that means?

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dreamed as such dreamed!But do not be upset if you pursue this horrible dream.To die in his sleep - not treated so that you soon come upon misfortune, or will come a black stripe in his life.According to some dream books, even the opposite happens.

different interpretations of what it means to die in his sleep

  1. There was (come) a bright streak in life, there will be a happy event worthy to bring changes in your life.
  2. you allow your fears to take the upper hand over them.You thought that life became darker and darker.
  3. You will soon finish the case and the retirement (possibly retired).
  4. you will live a long time.
  5. things that you are now engaged, undergo crash.
  6. an event change your life soon.
  7. Somebody will make a profit from your business.
  8. will soon begin a new life for you or your loved ones.
  9. Soon you or someone in your family dies.
  10. If you see this dream (to die in his sleep) at home, then you will have a long journey.
  11. If you're, you get well soon.
  12. If you are serving a sentence, it will soon be free.

As you can see, the answer to the question of what it means to dream "die in his sleep," seems clear enough, but it is more positive than negative.

And a few commonplaces interpretations from different sources

  • be Killed - from your labors someone else's will benefit.
  • Sink (sink) in a dream - to be a happy change.
  • die of a heart attack in his sleep - have a lot of good news for you.
  • being poisoned - will be great damage from slander and suspicion.
  • be crushed - harm by bad people.
  • Being buried alive - the danger, the fear of responsibility, coming soon.
  • Dream "die in his sleep," and then rise again - happy turn, the good news.If you see
  • risen from the dead - the improvement of life circumstances.

Orthodoxy and the world of dreams

Holy Fathers taught to treat dreams very carefully - not to accept them or reject.We are in a dream died - that is: God's Providence or devilry?As regard, if we come to a dead relatives in a dream?There is even a belief that if you dream of a close, which means that they are in Hell!While on the other hand, Christ is also a certain dream.Some priests believe that the sleeping area is a region of a human life, which often invade the demons.So dreams do not need to be treated, and cut off once and for all.If the Lord wants you to say something, he will find a way!And basically, going through dreams demonic seduction of man.Because the dead soul can not independently come to us in dreams, they are not the owners themselves, and is acquired by the will of God.Well if you really had a deceased relative, it is necessary for him to pray, to go to his grave, put it in order.Moreover, it is not necessary to think about, that we dreamed of the deceased - is not approved by the priest.What for?The man went away, it is necessary to pray for him and all.Believers do not need to pay attention to dreams, and their Christian duty to their Christian memory of the dead, care of their graves.It is also useful to give alms in memory of the departed.All the rest, with regard to the dream - the signs are different, true believer should be set aside.

Alternative view

Academician Levashov, in contrast, believes that the normal state of man "locked" and can not see the subtle essences that are around.The fact that our eyes can not see and our brain to realize for us as it does not exist.But it does not mean that it is not at all!But during sleep the person "opens" its essence is leaving (temporarily, keeping in touch with the body) shell and can freely communicate with their own kind.It could be the "soul" of the recently deceased, has left the physical body, but not in time to leave.Typically, in this case we are departed to convey important information to warn about anything.But there should be careful, since the essence can take advantage of parasites that live on this level (to put it simply "settle", as they say, and in Orthodoxy, by the way).And when a person dies and then comes in a dream, it often happens that someone has not let go or are there any outstanding tasks.Do not be afraid as if the deceased in a dream - live!You can communicate with him - telepathically.But do not go for it because of this trip, you can not ever go back, we finally left the physical body.It's the real thing, and they should be treated seriously, with the knowledge and understanding of what was happening.

What if dreamed of a dead mother?

parents - the very blood and dear people that are so important in everyone's life.They love us for who we are.After the death of the father or mother of his attachment to krovinochku not destroyed.And if there is a serious danger to you, dead mother will warn.

  • dead mother in a dream, asking to live in the house of her child, means that this person in real life makes her a lot of mistakes.They can lead to tragedy.It should be possible to listen to the words or actions in a dream.
  • if the dream dead mother, which offers expensive new clothes - in the near future you will receive a significant profit from any deal.
  • If the deceased cleans the house or children of color walls, the person will soon leave the place of residence.If
  • defunct looks in your sleep healthy and young, it is a good sign.Your life force has a high potential.You are strongly connected with their family tree.
  • If the deceased had a dream surrounded by neighbors now living relatives, it means that soon one of them will have to die.In most cases, this will be the one who sits silently beside her.If
  • dead mother in a dream that gives you something, it means your fate will soon change for the better will occur.
  • Parent, recently deceased, stroking a black cat, or just keep it on hand - close to the dreamer becomes insidious woman or girl.
  • If you see how late mother climbs up the mountain, but can not reach the top - her soul was restless for you.We need to go to church and pray, light a candle for the health of the soul, or prayer book.

sometimes believe that the deceased parents come to us in a dream on the eve of trial.They seem to warn your child about dangers like suggest how to avoid it.There are many examples that when his mother died dreamed literally saved the life of her child.The main thing is to listen to the words of the deceased.In particular, if your mother for a long time you have not dreamed of.And take this advice seriously as possible.

If she did not say a word, it is necessary to analyze every detail of your sleep.Everything has significance for you, the atmosphere in which the meeting was what the participants were dressed dreams.Such dreams are rarely empty.

What does this portend?

  • Argued that to dream of the dead - to the weather.In the case of deceased parents - otherwise.Their appearance in dreams always has an important meaning, plays a pivotal role in the understanding of sleep.

I had a dream that I would die

Yes, and this, unfortunately, it happens.You wake up in a cold sweat and was horrified to feel for themselves: whether alive, dead?Long before the end of not knowing in what you are light ... Often this is due to physiological reasons.For example, a temporary cessation of breathing during sleep.The brain no longer flow oxygen, and the organism as it warns you about it.

  • In the classical interpretation of the dream means, oddly enough, long life.And they say that if such a dream, and you do not want to die, then you need to ask to extend the life of God, to pray, to talk to him about it.

Hug died in his sleep

  • It means getting the news of the inheritance or win.It will be possible finally to realize your long-standing plans to rest.
  • If you are in a dream embrace deceased famous person, then the dream of recognition and glory will soon be implemented.

pledge good health

Generally, the dream - a wonderful pastime.A healthy person is asleep and wakes up happy in the morning easily.Different people need different sleep time from four to ten or even twelve hours!And in order to "nightmares" did not torture you at night, you need to follow some pretty simple rules (all at once rushed to perform!): Do not eat at night, go to bed no later than ten o'clock at night to sleep in a comfortable position, relax in a well-ventilated place on a flat bedon solid and a small pillow.Strictly forbidden to drink alcohol before going to bed, drink coffee, tea, engage in the gym before going to bed, smoking.Then you do not have to interpret what is dreamed and guess what happens!That something like that ...