In Russia, there was a gift Multicard children

first time in Russia there was a gift card for kids - very thin in terms of the psychology of the product.Giving your child the card, parents formally know that he did not "spend" it on something undesirable, while the child feel like an adult to grant him freedom of choice.

Bumkarta "Grow big!" - It's an amazing multi-brand gift card that includes a variety of goods and services for the most important people in the world -children.Her take the best clothing stores and toy, entertainment centers, bookstores and more.

Children grow quickly, and their interests and tastes are changing so rapidly that today's parents are sometimes difficult to guess with a gift.This problem and solve new product.

«We are quite a long time preparing for the launch of this card.We needed to find a suitable pool of partners - the places where the child can exchange a card. "- Said Vasily Vyzhutovich, director of marketing of gift Bumkart.

But the gist of it is that now the child feels completely independent - card manufacturers have already put all the "restrictive" barriers, which, most importantly, completely invisible to the child.

«Children older parents often give money - and then going through, where do rebenokihpotratil.Bumkarta takes all the headache of parents "- explains Vyzhutovich.

child completely on their own can choose a hike to the water park or amusement park, trendy baby clothes - or book tickets to the circus or theater via the Internet.

Bumkartoy can pay in 5Dkinoteatre D-Vision, Rikki-Tikki, Kwa-Kwa park Igromax, the Republic, as well as online stores portal Childhood and Biletmarket.With Bumkartoy can even buy a ticket to the children's camp on the 1001 tour agency.

Gift Card "Grow Big" issued par value from 1000 to 30 000 rubles.

Bumkarta accepted for payment 1,000 institutions across Rossii.Partnery project: L'OCCITANE, Kolbasoff, Feel Beauty, charm, Filimonov and Yankel, GOODMAN, Red Cube,null, Gift Online, Technopark, Technosila Mvideo, Zoolayn, Automag,Mom's Pasta, Moscow Business School, etc.

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