How to choose a good multivarku family?

modern kitchen in the number of electronic devices can compete even with a scientific laboratory.Microwave, food processor, juicer, toaster - it is not a complete list of helpers in the kitchen.However, among these devices is both highly specialized and universal.One of these units is a multi-functional kitchen multivarka.You can use it to cook soup, bake a cake, make a vegetable stew and fry patties.And that's not all, of what this wonderful saucepan.

in any store today there are at least 10 different such units.How to choose a good multivarku among them?Initially you need to understand the scope of it is needed.Bach or a family of 2 people is enough and bowls 2.5-3 liters.Also this multivarka suitable for cooking baby.For the larger family multivarku better to take more - not less than 5 liters.It is already possible to prepare meals, even a small group of guests.

How to choose a good multivarku the volume of the cup is now clear to everyone.Then you need to figure out which of the features are really useful in the future.Most of them have such routines as "pilaf", "quenching" and "Krupa".Some manufacturers add them still following modes: "Soup," "Baking", "yoghurt", "Milk porridge" and "hot."

Those who do not normally require a large variety of dishes at every day can opt for multivarka with a minimum set of programs.For young mothers with children are not quite unnecessary programs such as the "Yogurt," "Milk porridge" and "Steaming".Those who are used to experiment in the kitchen, it is best to choose multivarku with optional time and cooking temperature.

But for a complete understanding of how to choose a good multivarku, no harm will pay attention to the options.Have a timer allows you to cook the dish to a specific time.Using the "Warming up" warm up a ready meal from the fridge can even schoolboy.Do not be amiss to the presence of measuring cup, spoon, ladle, and a removable cover.Some manufacturers supply it is also a window of thick glass, so you can monitor the cooking.Of course, it should be comfortable multivarka bowl with non-stick coating.

The main thing to remember - such a multifunctional device can not be cheap.Therefore, one of the criteria may be the price for it.It is best to choose the middle price segment.If you still can not determine the choice, you can refer to the sales assistant at the store asking: "Advise multivarku good."The main thing that the future buyer knew he was waiting for a kitchen helper.Then it will be easier to understand and the seller, how to choose a good multivarku specifically for this customer magazine.

Over the past few years multivarka of exciting new products become an indispensable helper in the kitchen.Regardless of the model chosen, all owners say its main advantage.You do not have to stand for hours at the stove.All work on cooking can perform multivarka.Even in the farthest region can now buy Multivarki.St. Petersburg and Moscow - is not the only city that appear in search queries.