Magic letters: create your mascot

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Security logo with the name plate on the gold can be worn around the neck on a chain.It turns out that the letters of the alphabet can work wonders.Each letter in it creates a life-giving word, vibrations which may be referred to luck, to strengthen the sense of faith in yourself, heal with the help of the pronunciation of certain letters and sounds.

letter "A". In this letter prevails force energy, clarity and purity.The desire to be a leader, a dictator.Many letters "a" in the word creates vulnerability, openness, which can lead to excessive waste of energy.

letter "B". If the name is present this letter, the owner of his character stubborn, pushy.When the "b" of the first letter in the name, it symbolizes a quality as independence.

letter "B". If the name is present the letter "c", and even in the first place, its owner in your life will be faced with a contradiction, misunderstanding on the part of the people around him.He will be all my life to start something, and underdo again seek his destiny.

letter "G". brings to life an unexpected joy, change, novelty.However, along with the sharp declines in adventures, rapid changes in events, thrills.

letter "D". Associated with harmony, beauty and honesty.Along with these qualities can cause isolation in itself, the presence of complexes.

letter "E". symbolizes flexibility in the relationship, the road changes travel.This letter of the name attached to the charm, pleasure in communication, goodwill.If "e" the last letter in the word, it points to the fact that a person is insincere, hypocritical.When "e" is a letter in the name of a shock, such a person is the "soul of the company", ieleader.

The letter "F". Gives striving for success, the importance of the individual, strengthens resilience.In the worst case scenario shows the greed, cruelty to a close, the desire for leadership through the suppression of others, arrogance, haughtiness, arrogance.

letter "3". Refutes faith in everything, gives rise to mistrust.It carries the test, unrealized plans, as a man with a letter in the name is subject to others.

letter "And» .Search-related goals, the pursuit of their ideals.In the worst case, alienation, loneliness, lack of understanding.

letter "J» .Evidence of impermanence, the inability to communicate with others.

The letter "K". Linked to discipline, adaptation to life, strength of character.

letter "L". Gives harmony and love of beauty, faithful in love, help to adapt to other people.In the worst case - narcissism, selfishness, disregard for others, sowing panic in the mind.

letter "M» .It gives a benevolent character, great power of the internal "I", a rich intuition.In the worst case - stubbornness, cruelty, frivolity, giddiness.

letter "H". Bears doubt and denial.This solid illusion, emptiness, unclaimed expression and desire.

letter "O". Bears vitality, independence, openness, while frequent changes of mood.This playfulness, excitement, a maze of desires, feelings, emotions.

letter "P". associated with frequent change of mood, duplicity, and evaluation of all.

letter "P".It gives a huge energy potential, strength of character.Along with this can give rise to passive, closed, frivolity.

letter "C".It helps to cope with life's challenges, to change their purpose, depending on the circumstances.

letter "T".Creative letter.Gives vigor, will overcome difficulties, demanding of themselves and others.

letter "Y".Creates nebula creates life puzzles, riddles, phobias.

The letter "F".Associated with modesty, fastidiousness, eternal doubts.

letter «X».Bears callousness, hypocrisy, hostility towards others, lack of willpower.In the worst case - suspicion and hostility towards people.

letter "C".It connected with diplomacy, contact, commerce, giving the ability to adapt to people and circumstances.

letter "H".Linked to extraordinary circumstances and events.It gives an opportunity to "get away from the water.

The letter "W".It carries the energy of leadership, will power and gives primacy in everything.

letter "u".Connected with generosity, sponsorship, patronage.In the worst case - the suppression of others by their own will,

letter "E".It gives cunning, charm, gloss, leadership, superiority in all things.

letter "U".It gives insight, revelation, flexible thinking, enthusiasm, creativity.

letter "I".The ability to organize other work head, not your hands, activity.To protect and bring luck to be repeated as many times as your name, how old you are.

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