How to avenge her friend in a humane way?

Your friend annoy you?Man stole or betrayed?Then you must know how to avenge her friend that she was bad!

Now go down to the ground and to calm his anger.You know that such a place?It is not in the concept but in the perception.If you're hurting people, then, revenge, you get up to the level.You dropped to the lowest life strips, which are hypocritical, rude and angry people.And if you believe in God, you can not rely more on his favor.Despite this, you still want to know how to take revenge on her friend?We will talk more humane ways that not much harm, but help you get the moral satisfaction.

  1. If you study with a friend in the same class, then, Put it in a portfolio fat sandwich.Let it then restores damaged notebooks.

  2. Tell the teacher what she saw as the girlfriend smokes.Calling parents provided.

  3. Another option is to take revenge on her friend - start a rumor in the class that she was doing bad things, for example, is associated with unfamiliar boys.

Remember that this feud threatens powerful scandal with my parents.Your foe will continue to live a very difficult life.

If you crossed the threshold of adulthood, and the site should be relevant.For example, came to her email a powerful virus that will damage your computer.You can send her a box with a "surprise", which thrust rotten flowers or fruit.

If your friend has a boyfriend, then you can seduce him and send a photo to her on the phone, where you together.Or take a picture of an intimate part of his body and the other numbers come out MMS message.This is the best way how to take revenge for the betrayal of a friend.

But you know what the best place of the person who hurt you?Get happy!Put in a social network corresponding status, a new photo where you smile.Believe me, your enemy will not survive this.Pretend that her action had no effect on your life, and you do not pay attention to it.Girlfriend is very disappointed that its actions were not successful.If

friend betrayed you, then forgive it.Do not let it into your life, to part with it, but do not hold evil.You will be the most easily from this.Pity the man who fell to betrayal, because such people are rarely happy.Do not think how to avenge her friend and try to change their lives, to forget the betrayal and hurt.

communicate with another contingent of people who trust only your favorites, and just be happy to be your friend, that you are considered to be close in time to show his true colors.After all, she could do it later, at the wrong time, when you would need her help and support.Think of it can you somewhere to hurt her, and she thought about how to avenge best friend.Maybe it's you initiated the conflict and war.In any case, put on this point, and do not dwell.In life, too much good to be wasted on selfish goals.You're above that, right?