What deviation can have children of drug addicts?

Often, parents are responsible for the sins of their children.To the families of addicts it is by no means the last.This is one of the main risk groups in relation to the birth of sick children.Children born to addicts, always have any pathology.The use of psychoactive substances has never led to anything good.Even if a drug addict "tied up" for about 10 years to bring his children is not recommended.

Some of the same, ignoring medical advice, yet become parents.What deviation thus can have children of drug addicts?When used even light products based on hemp, which legalized in some countries, the manifestation of various kinds of pathologies in the newborn is almost inevitable.Very often they have a so-called sudden death syndrome.This terrible event can happen at any time during the first year of baby's life.Dystrophy - another common disease of children "marihuanovogo" addicts.Very often women who smoked before or during pregnancy weed, give birth to dead children.

In the same case, if the father or the mother had used, say, cocaine, the unborn baby may be a disorder of the urinary system.Also, these children are drug addicts suffer from sudden strokes.It is the "coca" addicts often are born dead children.

Heroin leads to the birth of mentally retarded children with speech and motor skills.Chemical drug LSD often causes miscarriage and placental abruption.In babies born to the same doctors often diagnose genetic mutations.

Not only did the children of drug addicts often have a number of diseases, they also do not receive proper care.It usually happens that their parents do not need anything other than a regular dose.While in her quest as a drugged any drug, they absolutely do not pay any attention to her baby.This is another terrible consequences of drug use.Left to themselves, these children are often themselves subsequently become addicted or criminals.

Congenital malformations of babies are often simply appalling.Meanwhile, the children of drug addicts (photos confirm the presence of these disorders and malformations), is absolutely not to blame for the weakness of their parents.Doctors around the world are looking for tools that would facilitate their fate.For example, recently, scientists have learned from Israel to restore the destroyed heroin brain.

This development, unfortunately, is still only in the experimental stage.In the course of his experiments were performed on mice.Females pricked certain dose of heroin."Plant" their way to the drug, waiting for the appearance of mice.Young Patients administered the stem cells in the hippocampus.As a result, the operation produced "local" cells begin to actively share, resulting in damage to the structure of the brain restored.Perhaps these continued studies will lead to a positive result.In this case, you can be saved from all sorts of pathologies of many children whose parents are actively using heroin, and they no longer have to pay for the sins of their mothers and fathers.

Drug use leads to the most tragic consequences, and the worst - not only for injecting, smoking or sniffing.Even at an early age is to take care of their future life and the fate of their offspring.Sick children of drug addicts suffering innocent - what could be worse?