How to behave on the street: a few simple rules

always nice to chat with well-mannered person.But to become such a person is not very easy, you need to know and more.So, better to start learning from scratch.It's about how to behave on the street.

Rule 1. Do not interfere

man - a social creature, so you should try not to create a nuisance to others.And this regardless of where it is located: in the middle of the road, in the park or at the bus situation.Walking is better on the right side of the street, but for the drive on the left on the sidewalk pedestrian nobody fined.However, this can create a lot of inconvenience to the rapid flow of people.

also best not to offend people when walking.If this happens - it is sure to apologize or just nod passer in a sign of respect.The rule is simple, but the attitude of such a person will be a completely different.Their cargo, especially if it is bulky, it is necessary to bear in his right hand - so it will not touch pedestrians.Just a few nuances that show how to behave on the street: if you want to stop along the way, this should be done in a corner.Go and be in the middle of the street can not be: it may interfere with other people.The same applies to the situation where there was a desire to see a poster or a shop window, and if you wanted to talk to a friend, who met on the way.

Rule 2. Etiquette

Men, however, as women, it is necessary to remember how to behave on the street.Thus, a strong half of the world can not turn around and stare after women.It's just ugly, and characterizes a person as a rude person.Ladies can not be discussed in the presence of other people's toilets passing.Also, it is necessary to remember that absolutely forbidden to throw trash and cigarette butts at his feet, - there is an urn.In addition, it is considered a violation, and such acts can be fined by law enforcement officers.

How to behave on the street smoking?A new, but very important rule: recently smoking in public places (as well as on the streets and bus stops) is prohibited.If there is something you need to ask or clarify, contact the law enforcement officers.Asking questions is appropriate to pedestrians in the event that such employee are not near.

Few people know, but according to etiquette, eating on the street simply indecent.So it is worth to remember how to behave in public.The same goes for reading on the move: it is not necessary to do this, because so much attention is dulled and control over their own movement.And, of course, on the street just need to keep track of his speech: Do not use incorrect expressions, the more obscene, and not to talk too loudly.

Rule 3. Help

And a few more tips on how to behave on the street.It is necessary to help people in need.Nobody, of course, does not make her grandmother to help bring a heavy bag to the bus, but such action would characterize a well man.You also need to help blind people cross the road, because not all cities have pedestrian underpasses.You should not refuse to help counter that it was asked to do: it is unlikely you will be difficult to suggest a road or help with a heavy load.If for some reason is not possible to render all possible assistance, you need to politely refuse, sorry.