Who is the mother in law for everyone?

to marriage every woman's life changes dramatically.In addition to new responsibilities to your spouse, she also takes the same time a host of new family, headed by the most important of them - in-law.This title is considered almost a household name in our country.Typically, the image of the mother of her husband as a wife and mother, immediately emerges anecdotal, exaggerated, grotesque, primitive.But who is the mother in law in the life of a young wife and how to coexist in peace and harmony?

Contrary to popular belief about an innate hatred for prospective daughter-mother of modern young people, especially those living in big cities, women are progressive.And if before the question of who this mother in law, imagination willingly drew an elderly aunt with string bags, which constantly suspects the daughter that she cares about the bad son, but now everything is fundamentally wrong.Not uncommon mother's husband, who not only do not climb into the personal lives of their children, but also happy to start to equip its own shortly after their wedding krovinushku: that the child grew up, attached in good hands, and you can think about themselves.These mothers do not avoid novelties technology, usually active, they have an interesting vivid life and may be for his daughter something of an older friend, or, at worst, a good friend with whom you can talk on Skype recipe for a new pie or a new movie.

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Secondly, any wife should be remembered that for your husband the woman - mother, mother in law, she just for you, and only if you do so put yourself in her attitude.Many of the girls after a while start to treat her like a second mother to her.

to answer the question "Who is the mother in law" without the negative connotation, follow these guidelines:

- keep your distance in dealing with it and, of course, her family.But keep the same distance and respect their parents.Your husband and you - this is your "cell of society", other relatives should be a little bit, but in the distance, and uniformly so as not to provoke the jealousy;

- just do not try to become compressed as a friend.Trying to sound better and friendlier than you are, it will not benefit - good relations develop not fast, but lasts a long time in the future;

- do not try to solve the problem of the scandal.Even if the mother-in-law, and you have got to really quarrelsome, aiming in any case adhere to a quiet tone in dialogue and avoid indictments intonation when any tense situation;

- often give gifts.Little things presented to by a simple but important occasions, can melt the heart of even the most icy woman.And most demanding mother will kindly treat attentive beloved of his son, who knows how to please her pleasant surprise.

And the most-the most important rule: remember who this mother in law.This is a woman who has done you the greatest gift - gave birth to and raised your loved one.Even for this alone it is worthy of deep respect and honor.