Cremation of people in Europe and Russia.

In Europe, the cremation of people held since time immemorial.For example, in ancient Greece, this environmentally friendly form of burial was a very popular person.However, the Orthodox religion and a modern process of burying the dead people do not get along together.That is why the Russian cremation of the dead was not resolved until the October Revolution of 1917, when he was overthrown by the last Russian tsar of the Romanov dynasty - Nicholas II.

What is the cremation of the dead?

As mentioned above, it is a modern and environmentally friendly form of burial of the dead.For more than a century, the world practice widely uses this as a progressive tradition of parting with the dead.One can say without exaggeration that the cremation of people - is now an ultra-modern word in the market of ritual services!

What began to cremate the dead?

In the 18th century, the cemetery no longer cope with the great variety of dead space on the ground just dry up.In this regard, the deceased were buried near their homes, which served as the spread of various diseases, including infectious nature.That is why the decision was made to burn the corpses of the dead, which allowed to observe elementary sanitary norms.

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professor by the name of Brunetti in 1873 developed the first furnace for burning corpses.This was the impetus for the construction of the first crematorium.Incidentally, the documentary sources indicate that the very first people to exercise even cremation in 1792, and in 1913 across America operated for more than 50 crematoria!Today, the burning of the bodies of dead people - this is the most popular form of burial in Europe.

Cremation people in Russia

The first Russian crematorium was established before 1917 in the Far East, but the Orthodox religion is not allowed to buy such a modern kind of burial massive.But soon all the cremation began to gain its popularity grew as the revolutionary views and harsh criticism raining down on Orthodoxy.It was then built the first crematorium in the city of Petrograd, which existed from 1920 to 1921.

Today our country has 15 crematoria, equipped with everything necessary for a full cremation, and the issuance of the relatives of the deceased his ashes.It's like a state (municipal) and private organizations.Enormous popularity of cremation of people in Moscow and St. Petersburg.Curiously, crematorium Nicholas Archangel Cemetery in Moscow is one of the most formidable in Europe.

How is and how much is human cremation?

As you know, this kind of burial of the dead has been known for a long time, but constantly upgraded from year to year, from century to century.Before, during this process, the burning of the corpse of the deceased person in a special oven at very high gas temperatures (up to 1000 degrees).

Today, the entire process is automated cremation.It is controlled by means of computer technology.As a result, the tissue of the deceased are brought to the gaseous state, and the bones of its skeleton - to the fine substance.By the way, the cost of this procedure in Russia varies from 16 to 35 thousand rubles.