Belyanko - mushroom-scented geranium

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Belyanko - mushrooms, which is scientifically called "volnushki white".They are representatives of mlechnikov.Despite its name, Belyanko - mushrooms coloring which can be pink and even orange shade.The people they are called "fluffy milk mushrooms" because of the specific pile on the cap.


Belyanka - a fungus that has a convex silky fluffy dry (rarely mucous) hat with a hollow in the center.Its diameter - 4-9 cm. Fluffy edges wrapped.As they get older the mushroom cap is set, and sometimes becomes a funnel.Its color may be white, creamy-white, slightly pink.Seredinka - pinkish fawn.Plates frequent fungus, slightly decurrent, adnate narrow.Color have white or pinkish.The powder is off-white spores.Foot fungus from cylindrical, has a diameter of 1.5-2 cm and a height of 2-4 cm grows. It tonkopushistaya (sometimes naked), hollow inside, the color of light yellow with pink shade or white.Belyanko - mushrooms, milky sap which is very corrosive.After contact with the skin it causes irritation.In air, the color does not change.Belyanko much like volnushki pink.Find the differences between them can be difficult, but the first lighter cap and small disputes.Biologists often realize a holding a microscope, they face not volnushki pink and mushrooms Belyanko.Photos can be seen in this article.This mushroom smells like geraniums.

Habitat and distribution

Belyanko - fungi that create mycorrhiza with birch trees.Therefore they meet in birch and mixed forests of this tree.They prefer damp places.This fungus can be found on forest edges, in young birch, roadside footpaths and roads.Most often they grow in groups.Found throughout the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere (North America, Eurasia).In Russia, they particularly rich in the European part of the country.Collect Belyanko from July to October.

Culinary properties

Belyanko - mushrooms are considered conditionally edible.They were assigned to the second category, indicating a good quality.To completely get rid of the acrid juice, which contains an insecure connection is recommended to soak the white volnushki for two days.Then they need to boil for 15 minutes.The fungus consumed in fried, stewed, salted and pickled.

Application medicine

In the Scandinavian countries Belyanko used to treat various diseases.In national medicine boiled and fresh white volnushki used to treat various skin diseases, stomach upset, constipation.The juice of fresh mushrooms is rubbed into the skin affected by the fungus.It also helps with sweating feet.The broth of the fungus with celandine, succession, young birch leaves, chamomile is used to treat children's diathesis and scrofula.In rheumatoid arthritis, gout and arthritis with the same composition do foot baths.It should be noted that the healing properties of whiteflies yet fully understood.As a medicinal raw material dried mushrooms can be stored in tightly closed cans.