Edible mushroom umbrella: exotic looks and great taste!

Among the lesser-known fungi have very exotic - edible mushroom umbrella.This type includes three varieties: white umbrella, colorful and blushing.They all belong to saprotrophs grow at the same time appear in the same locations.Edible mushroom umbrella is striking for its size, to large solar edges it reaches unprecedented proportions: cap diameter of 50-60 cm, height of stem 40-45 cm. In this case it seems strange that these items are edible.

Umbrella - fungus (pictured above), which belongs to a category 4.Though few venture mushroom pickers collect these giants because of their similarity to the fly agaric and toadstools.Lamellar fruiting body has a hat on average 15-25 cm in diameter, but sometimes much more.Young mushrooms she has always egg-shaped, convex, then straightens, becomes like an umbrella.We have a kind of hat hump in the middle.Large flakes of brown are adult fruiting body of the fungus on the entire surface.Edges slightly hanging down, have a fringe.It is a specific type of cap is tempting to think that this type can not be edible.Giant size and unusual appearance more like a mushroom and toadstool.

However, the younger the edible mushroom umbrella, so it is safer and tastier in cooking.The flesh of his loose, white, very dense in older individuals - cotton wool, but with a pleasant aroma and characteristic mushroom flavor.

foot very long, brown, 2-3 cm in diameter, height 30-50 cm. At the point of contact with the ground are always thickened.The surface of the scaly, hard flesh, because of what the legs are often discarded during processing.The body has a ring that can be easily moved up and down as it is mounted freely.A typical "snake" or scaly pattern has only edible umbrellas and has no toxic counterparts - this is the main distinguishing feature.

plates contain a white spore print.The young white fungus, they then appear reddish veins.Umbrella blushing different smooth stem and grow brown flesh on the fracture.

Find umbrellas edible mushrooms can be across the globe.Their distribution is so broad that virtually any deciduous or mixed forest boasts of these giants.Also, they can be found in the fields, meadows and in parks.Fruiting bodies appear in the middle of summer and grow until the end of September, particularly resistant to easily survive frosts of October, however, lose their beautiful appearance.They can be seen in the meadows, forest edges, roadsides and even in the garden plots.In well-lit areas can form impressive colonies, the so-called "witches rings".

umbrella edible fungus does not usually harvested for future use, it is well cooked and fried, but not suitable for preservation.In this case a particularly large specimens taken for cooking only hats.When choosing them need to be extremely careful.Once the cap is fully disclosed umbrella, mushroom becomes unfit for consumption.