How to forget the love?

Love - a wonderful feeling, thanks to which we have learned how beautiful this world.Experiencing a feeling of love, we are ready to move mountains, and do everything for the sake of the elect.But, unfortunately, sometimes love goes ... And often if the feelings are over one or the other still wants to continue the relationship.How to forget the love?How to get rid of the feelings of affection and find inner freedom?

the question of how to forget his love, some say, "Suffer!".And there is some common sense, because it is impossible to love without suffering, and it is impossible to get the spiritual experience pangs of love without suffering.Experiencing new to feel, poets and writers have written thousands of works which are still admired modern humanity.The man who found the suffering, opens a new facets of development that can inspire him to creative accomplishments.Artists, composers, sculptors - they all had in his biography of the history of unrequited love ... Maybe you, suffering from an excess of emotion, to discover a new potential to become a creator of art and gain a new sense of life.

If you are not inclined to creativity and reject any (kind of masochistic) experiments on himself and seriously decided to get rid of love feelings, we advise you to arm a pen and piece of paper and to answer the question: "How to forget the love?".After completing the process of writing a small list with the most crazy options, analyze it.There are the proposals of common sense?If there is, try them for yourself.As examples can lead:

  • get drunk before memory loss.
  • go to another country and find a new meaning of life.
  • plunge into the work, excluding any connection with common friends and acquaintances of the former lover.

Do not like it?Try to come up with their own versions.

Scientists in search of an answer to the question "how to forget love," came to the conclusion that peace of mind since your separation will be able to find half a period during which you were in a relationship, that is, if met and lovedyou year, half a year after the break you will be much easier.This formula is not perfect, and many of her own experience has repeatedly denied, but a scientific fact takes place.

harder to help in the question: "how to forget first love", because, as you know teenage love remain in our memory forever.Those first emotion hardly ever be able to erase from the memory, and it is not necessary, because thanks to the relationship you have known all the delights and torments magical feeling that is called love.The same highly experienced British scientists say that according to statistics, men and women, met his first love after many years, can not cope with the temptation to "remember the old" many renew companionship, but others do not disdain sexual relations even inrelations with other partners.Finals in these various stories.Some, forgetting everything, again dipped into the abyss of youthful passions, while others retain sanity, nullifying all his emotional outbursts.

If you are worrying about how to forget love, fall into serious depression, we advise you to take yourself in hand and find the strength to live on.Do anything to remember less about the past and to be alone with him.Meet with friends and family, study and work, make repairs at the cottage or apartment, get rid of things reminiscent of a loved one.Traveling, music and literature - all of this distracts from the real life, to cope with which you are now very hard.Prove to yourself and the people around you can still achieve good results, and love, and let them have the former, do not break your rod.Rejoice yourself, buy gifts, go to concerts, to practice your favorite hobbies and all that you could not afford, being in a relationship.Remember that everything that is done - for the better!