Repression - a measure of state influence on society

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Human history goes back thousands of years, but at any time during the development of the people need to be controlled in order to maintain the necessary integrity of society.Education institutions of power, a rapid process of social stratification, the unpopularity of certain measures in the eyes of the public - all this brings to life such an impact as repression.This penalty allowed the state to consolidate the public system for their own interests.

value of the secret police for the authorities

Generally, coercive apparatus has long years been given much attention, otherwise it was impossible to maintain order and effective development of the country.There is no doubt that at different historical stages of the importance of the secret police either increase or, conversely, decreased, but their presence is a prerequisite for the emergence and existence of the state.Having made a brief excursion into history, it may be noted that the activity of the repressive apparatus increases in crucial moments, be it revolutions, wars, mass acts of disobedience to the civilian population.Suffice it to recall the two periods of the 1917 revolution in Russia.At this time, punitive measures have gained unprecedented momentum, and could not be otherwise, because the Civil War began, and those who seize power, and will determine the further development of the country.Therefore, both the warring parties used such an effective measure impact as repression.This allowed us to achieve the loyalty of the population, although often it was only superficial.

Trumps Stalin

further course of events in our country has shown the need for a branched and well-trained personnel punitive apparatus.The victory in the Civil War and the presence of a large layer of the opposition of various kinds in the country to make the necessary qualified security system vital necessity for the Bolsheviks.Moreover, in the struggle for power between party functionaries always used a failsafe method as repression.It has become the hallmark of Stalin's reign.Subjugate the power unit of the Bolshevik government, he was fully able to draw his own benefit.With a package of measures violent Stalin cleared a path to supreme power after Lenin's death."Leader of all peoples" well understood the need to have on hand the performers of his will, as he realized that not all obey him out of goodwill, so created this monster punitive apparatus of the USSR, it was combined GPU-MGB is alternately headed by faithful servants of Coba.

Progress bones

repression in the Soviet Union become a truly epic character in the 30s of the last century.They already have been used even in respect of the individual is not, as much as associations, and even nations.Stalin set a clear goal to crush even the slightest resentment by its elimination in the bud.He was not considered nor public opinion, nor with the tips of his entourage.This policy is the Secretary General of the CPSU (b) can be compared with the oprichnina policy of Ivan IV, who also used the most severe repression of dissidents people.If you draw a parallel, it may be noted that in the XVI, and XX centuries, the rulers of the target match - make unquestioning obedience.In the first case the king struggled with arbitrariness feudal lords to strengthen the centralization of the country, in the second case, the leader tried to rapidly put the country on a par with industrialized European countries, and it can be done, to suppress any manifestation of opposition sentiment in society.

Soviet method of industrialization

massive repression by the Soviet government were severe and could just call them anonymous letter against any person, that is bypassing the presumption of innocence in the USSR at first punished and then conducted an investigation.Thus, in the flywheel secret police got very loyal and trustworthy citizens.But Stalin achieved the final result as soon as possible was restored industry showed displeasure, in fact, just mentally.The whole country thundered "revelatory process."Extrajudicial trio worked day and night, looking for enemies.Repression - is that style of government was Josef Vissarionovich, and he put this method of punishment led all methods of combating social unrest and disobedience as a manifestation of personal purposes and for the interests of the country.