How to install Cornice strip?

When the final work on the roofing should not forget about such details as gutters, eaves and slats.As a result of the quality (strong, leakproof roof) largely it depends precisely on these small, but such important elements.Here's how to set Cornice strip.

Cornice strip

Cornice strip (overhang) belongs to the category of additional elements of the roof, while it performs a decorative function, and a protective role.This part keeps the lower level and the frontal wooden crates elements from atmospheric precipitation.It also protects roofing sheets from various strains.Bracket for curtain rod made from metal and plastic, a wide variety of shades, which is important in the selection of the said building material to the filing of the roof and gutter system.

How can I fix Cornice strip?

1. By forming the projection of the cross beam (tightening).At the same time to strengthen the attachment to the rafters bearing surfaces provide special equipment (scarves, nozzles).In this case, the roof structure will resemble the shape of a mushroom, and a system usually involve the construction of buildings made of wood and frame-panel devices.

2. By making the departure of roof elements of the outer layer of the wall.In addition, for protection against blowing the space under the roof under the eaves set brick cornice to the top of the Fermi level.Such a device is used in brick and stone structure with a reinforced concrete ceiling.

Installation cornice overhang

curtain bar is set so that it is directed at the water flowing down the drain gutters.In carrying out installation works would be nice to take note of the following points:

  • overhang of the roof or the removal of this structure should be at least 0.5 m. The organization of stormwater drainage through this value can be reduced.
  • Installation Cornice strip must be carried out in such a way that there is no any cracks, holes and so on. N., As would otherwise be blown attic.This, in turn, can lead to significant heat losses in the building.
  • overhang must be installed before will be fixing roofing sheets, while the bar need to be joined tightly, without gaps.Only in this case will not hear the noise from the wind gusts.
  • elements overlap the eaves should be fixed in length (range 5-10 cm).
  • Bracket is attached to the front and cornice board with galvanized nails or screws, and the mounting step should not exceed 30 cm.
  • edges of the eaves waterproofing layer to be stacked on top of the lower level and the eaves batten.

This device enables you to protect the inner layers of the roof from moisture and wind.Viewed additional element of a variety of different forms, it all depends on the roofing.Recently, very popular Cornice strip for metal, because this material is most often used for the decoration of the roof.And to pick up said item to the designed roof structure will not be for you easily.