How to cook a delicious chicken aspic

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jelly, jelly, aspic - dishes are very similar in the art of cooking.They are typical for Slavic cuisine, as well as for Western Europe.Tasty cooked, imaginatively designed, aspic long become a great decoration for any holiday table.

basic requirements

dish belongs to the category of snacks, poultry, fish and other meats.It can be hot and spicy - depending on the herbs and spices that the chef puts in a dish.Typically, the number of required ingredients include garlic - in this regard, particularly revealing chicken aspic.Cook broth with different roots, carrots.However, when the liquid is poured on the plates, many limited "yushechkoy."No pieces of carrots or other components of the broth in a jelly not fall.The main requirement for the dish - that it is clear, bright, saturated amber color.

What eat

highly relevant question: what is served cold?Options may be few.Acid emphasizes the taste of dishes, so often to him put on the table vinegar, slightly divorced cold boiled water and very generously flavored with spicy pepper (black).Excellent with appetizers fuck - home or shop.That it often supplied as a filling.But especially for foodies who prefer diet jelly chicken necks, it was decided a long time to offer him the mustard, so witty.A must "accompany" dish is a salad of cabbage - of red or normal, cabbage.Not considered shameful to our ancestors prepare for another jelly salad: Grate black radish, salt the, pour vegetable oil and sprinkle with vinegar, sprinkle this splendor green onions or garlic feathers.

Cold chicken

to your chicken aspic well stiffened, you must take the carcass fat enough.Of course, this is the case, if you plan to cook without gelatin.On the other hand, young meat (alas, postnovatoe) better than fall apart, it is soft, gentle and just melts in your mouth.However, you can do that from the carcass of an adult bird a chicken jelly, which will not be stuck teeth.It simply boil the broth a little longer.For broth carcass is put together with the legs, sometimes with his head.Let's try?

Recipe number one: egg

To implement this recipe you will need, in addition to the main product, a few pieces of bay leaf, a few buds of cloves, a handful of sweet pepper and hot pepper, 5-6 cloves of garlic, fresh herbs, 1 onion, salt (to taste) a few eggs (for jewelry).Prepared chicken aspic as follows: poultry wash, cut into pieces, put in a deep pan, cover with cold water (3 liters or so).Add whole onion, spices, to boil on high heat.Then remove the scum, salt, reduce the fire to medium and cook until until the meat is very separate from the bone.It is important that your jelly chicken (recipe with photo attached) not much boiling and seething, otherwise it will turn cloudy in appearance, unappetizing.When the meat is ready, and the volume of the broth is reduced by about a quarter (or half), double-strain the liquid.Remove chicken skins.The meat cut into portions.Garlic pass through spadefoot or as cut - "petals".Boil hard boiled eggs, cool, clean, cut, oval, circles, halves or slices - as you like.The special plates or shapes Put the meat, garlic, pour a little broth.When it has cooled, place the container in the refrigerator.When the jelly to "grab", put the pieces of eggs, you arrange them with sprigs of parsley and dill, and add more broth.Place the dish in the cold again, and after a couple of hours of delicious and very pleasant to look at snack is ready!

Recipe number 2: a carrot

Note that it turns a wonderful chicken in aspic multivarka.The device seemed to invent specifically for this dish: If you select the correct mode does not the broth boils, not cloudy, the meat quietly languishing myself reaching the desired condition, well it falls apart.And preparing it is very easy!Carcase should be cut into 4-5 pieces, put in a bowl, add a pinch of coriander, allspice and other spices, cut into slices and carrot 50 g celery root.Fill with water and turn to the contents boil.Try, if there is enough salty chicken aspic your future.In multivarka put mode "quenching" and leave for 2 hours.When everything is ready, remove the meat from the bones, strain the broth through three layers of cheesecloth, pour it all spread out, skeet and allow to cool.If you wish to separate entirely Boil some carrots, clean them, cut figured (stars, triangles, and so on. D.) And place in a bowl of cold.A wonderful, nourishing jelly you provided!

Recipe number 3: with turmeric

believed that this dish is best obtained from the rooster.Then it is necessarily a good thing freezes and has the most "solar" color, which is painstakingly seeking mistress.But what if the cook has to postnovatoy of chicken?In this case, the pan placed pig's trotters.Their bones enough natural gelatin, which is getting into the broth, it helps solidify.Plus at the end of cooking, or when it is removed the pan from the heat, add the liquid a little turmeric.It will give the dish is not only a subtle flavor and a wonderful rich color.For the rest, remember to follow the recommendations.