How and what treat cracked heels, and between your toes?

Well-groomed feet - is not only flawless and trendy pedicure that includes a mandatory varnished nails and soft smooth heels without cracks and roughness.What to do if the skin in that area coarsened and difficult to treat?What are the causes and possible to eliminate them?This article describes ways than treat cracked heels, and between the toes.It is best to combine several complex of the following recommendations.

you suffer any illness?Cracks in the heels, or between the toes may be the first manifestation of health problems

not always stop increased dryness, itching and burning may be due to adverse external factors - the cold in the winter, chapping due to high summer temperatures.Sometimes cracks in the heel and between the toes appear for the following reasons:

- skin diseases;

- sweating;

- diabetes;

- problems with the digestive system;

- beriberi.If

The broken skin Stop untreatable easy way better to see a doctor.After the examination and delivery of specific tests will accurately diagnosed.Perhaps, after the cause of which lies, for example, in diseases of the internal organs, the symptoms will pass by themselves.If you do not make it in time, there may be dire consequences.Parched skin will continue to burst, becoming a hotbed of further exposure and possible infection.

How and what treat cracked heels, and between your fingers?Accompanying events

Regardless of the causes of the problem need to try to eliminate additional adverse factors:

- lack of hygienic measures that increase the risk of entering into the affected areas of the bacteria;

- use of synthetic socks that are not well able to absorb sweat;

- wearing tight shoes, and in the summer - closed, preventing air circulation.

In addition, it is necessary to carry out disinfecting treatment of footwear.To do this with a cotton swab dipped in plenty of Formidron (medicinal liquid, available in pharmacies), wipe the inner surface of shoes or sandals.Then put the shoes in a plastic bag for a day.After that, wait until it dries.After preventive work, you can start the treatment.In the initial stage with minor cracks or rough heels can try traditional methods.Perhaps, after the examination the doctor has diagnosed.Then, as a combination therapy "connected" in the form of pharmaceutical preparations ointments.

The treat cracked heels: the first way - the use of drugs

list some ointment for the treatment of rough skin stop:

- cream "Dardia" to moisten;

- «Shostakovskiy balm" for the application in the form of compresses;

- gel "Lamisil" to fight the fungal infection.

The treat cracked heels: the second method - traditional recipes

is another approach to solving this problem.Do I have to use artificial drugs to disappear cracked heels?People's treatment based on the use of natural resources, very often has no exposure to the worst.Try the following recipes:

- rub the night in a cracked heel sesame oil;

- twice a week to do a bath of two liters of water and juice of one lemon;

- use packs of melted paraffin and coconut oil, causing them to six to eight hours, and then washed away with water.

Make time about the beauty of your feet!