Sister husband for his wife called?

In a large and interesting list of special titles that receive relatives, sister of the husband for the wife is called "in-law".The word consonant with two mutually opposing concepts: the "gold" and "Ashes".In our minds, these images represent very different things.Gold - is something very good and pleasant, ash associated with dirt and unpleasant.So which of these concepts people associate the title of "in-law"?

Russian tradition

believed that the young sisters in-law came to be called because of tradition sprinkled with a new family member (young) ash from the generic furnace.Relatives as it took so girl in a big race.But most of this word is associated not with ash and evil.Families were large and required constant care and trouble.New force in the form of his brother's wife were happy.Sister quickly shifted her shoulders its responsibilities.And to the young did not resist, reproached her for laziness.From this and saying went among the people, "sister-in - zlovka" and others.All of them are connected with sharp tongues of the faithful sisters.It was connected with jealousy.Moloduha, young and beautiful, her husband received, the caller does not have a very good sense of the young unmarried sisters.Life daughter more complicated.From in-law was to be expected as the outright hatred with reproaches and beatings and secret rage with small but painful nasty.

husband sister

When the sisters of her husband married, the family grew even more.It appears not only new employees, but also a new family ties.But not only the husband had brothers and sisters, his wife also had sisters who also might be married.The husband called his wife's sister in-laws.Their children - nieces.If you have a young sister, her husband calls her differently.Usually the girls who grew up in a family, very close.Therefore it requires a special approach and attention on the part of the young.So someone has to husband his wife's sister?This relation is called the sister-in - most likely from the word "own".In most religions, sister-considered taboo for her husband.They should be taken care of, take care of and protect, but in an intimate relationship with them can not enter!

Who can become a sister of the husband for his wife?

If you do not pay attention to the motivation of the behavior of relatives spouse, you can amass a lot of enemies.Of course, now he is only yours!But the other moral duties of a young enough if he grew up in a large family.The best yield in this situation is only one - you need to make friends with his home before the wedding.Then his brothers and sisters will you if you do not close relatives, then good friends from whom you do not expect to catch.Note that the sister of the husband for his wife may be a close friend and foe.Then the young family will be in constant danger.Still, the young sister - native people.He listened to her opinion.Therefore it is better to nurse her husband for his wife quickly became an ally.


word "in-law" intuitively is not a very good response.In order to establish friendly parity is better to call this woman sister.As is known, the beautiful sun ice will melt faster than the wind.Be attentive to the relatives of her husband - this is the minimum that a woman can do for the beloved!