How are the most inflated people in the world?

no secret that in every man by nature inherent desire to be a strong person, capable to protect themselves, as well as the honor and dignity of his family.That is why, from the perspective of cultural studies, men are called stronger sex, but women - poor.Without a doubt, physical strength, combined with the power of the spirit - it's good, but some guys mindlessly converted the figure into a pile of hypertrophied muscles!Inflated Most people in the world - a vivid example.We talk about them.

inflated Most people of the world - who are they?

Today there are several bodybuilders (bodybuilders), contesting the right to the title of the main pitching planet Earth.Among them - Ronnie Coleman and Mustafa Ismail.

"Mr. Olympia"

Ever since childhood, nature endowed this man beautiful sports figure.At the same time he did not even Ronnie thought bodybuilding.Future bodybuilder, like all teenagers, he loved football, basketball and baseball.After graduating from the American University, Mr. Coleman worked for some time as an accountant.He quickly tired of it, and he decided to become a police officer.After graduating from the police academy, our hero became what he wanted.He was very fond of his work.To keep fit, Ronnie joined the gym.Hence starts his career builder ...

In 26 years, Ronnie Coleman won his first title.In the future, the young man became eight times winner of "Mr. Olympia".Today, 48-year-old Ronnie - a resident of Texas, a police officer, a good husband and father, as well as the nominee for the title of "Best inflated people in the world."

"Mr. biceps"

His name is Mustafa Ismail.He got into the main Book of Records (Guinness) as a man who has the world's largest forearms, biceps and triceps.Imagine the size of his right bicep is 63.5 cm, and the size of the left - 64.7 cm!Today, the Egyptian bodybuilder has set a goal to get the nomination "The most inflated people in the world" and get the grand prize!

Today, 24-year-old man living in the United States in the town of Milford (Massachusetts).Mustafa daily exercise for 3 hours for the past 10 years.In the words of the champion on such impressive effect and a special diet, the secret of which he, of course, does not reveal.Many envious and simply skeptics claim that Mustafa whole bank uses all kinds of steroids, synthetic drugs.Some even talking about the fact that his biceps - a conventional implants as a huge imbalance between his figure and his hands visible to the naked eye.

inflated Most people in the world in the history of

  1. Greg Valentino .He became interested in bodybuilding at age 13.He managed to build up muscles without the incredible chemistry.After some time, I contacted the synthetic drug "Syntol", for which he earned the nickname "Mr. Syntol."
  2. Markus Ruhl .It is called "Mister Big Shoulders".His career began with 19 years.Athlete still serves on various competitions.
  3. James Cutler .Since childhood, he worked on his father's farm, which is largely influenced the formation of his physical body.As time went on, Cutler was able to bring his beautiful body to perfection, that has brought him so many victories in various competitions, including in the nomination "The most inflated people of the world."
  4. photo next person known to each of us.This Hollywood actor and the last governor of California - Arnold Schwarzenegger .About him he says: "The man who has made himself."As a child, he was puny and sickly boy.With 14 years of self began to swing by the methods described in the sports magazines.Already in the 19 years young Arnold takes the second place in the "Mr. Universe"!