What is included in the balance sheet of the enterprise

Under the convoluted term "balance sheet of the company" is hidden under the form of number 1, or only one of the reports on the financial status of the enterprise.In other words, boo balance contains a property of the organization and its funding sources, expressed in monetary terms.Once these two components are called Assets and Liabilities.With proper conduct of financial affairs in total must be equal.

What compiled the balance sheet of the enterprise?To each user has received timely, complete and objective information, valid for the time being.

talk about assets and liabilities.They, in turn, are also divided, each into several sections.The assets consist of fixed and current assets (or non-current and current assets).The difference between them is as follows: first take part in the production for a year or more, that is a long enough period of time.And the cost of at least wear affects the cost of the finished product.By the way, this process is called amortization.Revolving funds are considere

d as the means of labor, which are completely consumed during one production cycle, and amortization occurs immediately.

Accounting balance sheet relates to fixed assets your capital assets, real estate, and investments for the long term.Negotiable - short-term investments, financial reserves and VAT on the acquired values.

Now consider the classification of liabilities.They consist of the company's capital, its reserves and liabilities - both short- and long-term.At each of these points separately dwell.

with a net worth nothing complicated.This money invested by the owners and received by them in the form of profits.The balance sheet of LLC includes equity as the charter and additional finance, and backup.Another article is the retained earnings balance.

short-term liabilities are those obligations that the company is obliged to pay off in a relatively short time - less than a year.This section includes the balance of credits, loans, obligations to suppliers.In turn, the long-term debt is more loyal - term financial commitments for much longer.In addition to loans, it includes also the deferred obligations to the tax authorities.

analyze accounting balance sheet in several ways - horizontal, vertical and mixed.

Horizontal analysis: the basic unit is a specific period of time.Concerning it calculated the relative and absolute values ​​of changes in the sections balance.

Vertical analysis: the structure of balance sheet items is analyzed, taking into account the specific date.As a result, it can be reduced to a total of several sections or calculate the ratio of the financial stability of the company.

Balance enterprise - an essential and effective element of any company.