Rating of reliability of cars ("Warranty Direct")

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Unfortunately, to date, any sane rating of reliability of cars in Russia is absent, and therefore such an important parameter of the vehicle, we estimate on reviews of friends and various forums.

But the British insurance company "Warranty Direct" has identified the most high-quality models produced since 1997.They have made a rating of reliability of cars, the first 10 positions of which are shown below.

In compiling this list, the insurance company takes into account the number of machine breakdowns and the cost of its repair.By the way, Warranty Direct has made a separate rating of reliability of cars on marks.Expectedly, the first position is occupied by the Japanese producers: "Honda", "Toyota", "Suzuki", "Daihatsu".

rating of reliability of cars

10 positions - "Honda Jazz".

Another name - "Honda Fit".The first generation of these vehicles immediately after its debut in 2001, it became a hit.In 2002, "Honda Jazz" beat out in leaders of sales, ahead of "Toyota Corolla".This hatchback is very easy to use, and its high level of security so that at the time was out of competition.

9 position is "Toyota Yaris".

compact hatchback, which also quickly became popular throughout the world.In 2010, the total number of cars sold was 3.5 million. In 70 countries!This machine is known for its strength: 200 000 km for it is not a problem!

8 places - "Mercedes-Benz E-Class".

This representative-known company - the first of the cars class "suite", which was in the rating of reliability of cars.Sedan rightfully earned himself the image of a quality vehicle for wealthy owners.According to statistics only 1 out of 10 vehicles a year goes to the mechanic.Also known German highest security.

7th place - "Mazda MX-5."

addition sportiness, the car boasts a robust management and assembly.Quality and unpretentious "iron friend" for absolutely small money!

for 6 persons - "Volvo S40".

Despite the small flaws of the car, its safety is not in doubt.This is, perhaps, its most powerful advantage, along with the price, generously equipped and stylish interior.

5th place - "Honda HR-V".

roomy trunk, high throughput and visibility are perfectly combined with maneuverability, mobility and efficiency of the car.

4th place - "Toyota Aygo".

This car boasts high reliability and maneuverability.However, there is a fairly high price tag for that is not particularly popular.

3 positions - "Suzuki Alto".

His undoubted advantage - low price.This car features easy to manage, high-quality assembly, simple mechanics and maximum efficiency.Perhaps the only negative - quite unpresentable appearance.

to 2nd place - "Opel Agila".

practical, powerful, easy to care for and, above all, safe enough.Although there are also disadvantages: uninteresting interior and high cost.

A rating is headed by car "Mitsubishi Lancer".

practical to use, accessible to everyone, with a spacious interior and high safety - it's all "Mitsubishi Lancer"!