PAZ-32053: description and specifications

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vehicle ESD-32053 is the most widespread and popular domestic bus.Each year, the basic model of the Pavlovsk Bus Plant held an improvement that enhances the safety and reliability as well as increased capacity and other characteristics of the vehicle.

Car history PAZ-32053 has its origins in 1989.This version of "PAZ" was developed through the creation of eleven exemplary models for long fifteen years.At the beginning of the XXI century, the plant celebrated its anniversary.By this time he produced a model of the one hundred thousandth of the bus.

Cars equipped with diesel engines and engine brake as standard original equipment.But diesel "engine" is not limited to the bus.It can also be converted to run on compressed and liquefied gas, ie methane and propane-butane.Since autumn 2011 model bus PAZ-32053 is equipped with environmentally friendly engines "Euro-4", which correspond to all European standards and norms.Due to certain options, this car is ideal for the northern regions.Double glazed windows and insulation of passenger seats protect from even the most severe frosts.Additionally every customer can set the wheel size of nineteen and a half inches.

passenger bus PAZ-32053 has a number of advantages compared with other models of public transport.Firstly, it has improved consumer characteristics, which, coupled with the availability and low cost makes it one of the best, if we consider the ratio of "price-quality."Secondly, PAZ-32053 repair each car service.Third, this vehicle is perfect for making a profit as soon as possible allows you to recoup their cost in the mode of transportation of passengers.The car made so far, and therefore, find and buy spare parts and accessories is easy.Russian roads are a big problem for the residents of our country, so the manufacturers have taken into account all conditions and established a solid suspension.

warranty period PAZ-32053 bus depends on the type of engine installed.On petrol "heart" of the warranty of 24 months (or mileage of 60 thousand kilometers).On diesel analogue of the warranty period is 18 months (50,000 kilometers).The life of the body PAZ-32053 increased in comparison with other models, ranging from five to ten years.

maximum bus speed of 80-90 kilometers per hour, and the power of the engine is 120 horsepower.The car weighs eight tons and allows for up to 36 people.Fuel consumption in urban conditions at an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour up to 20.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

There are other models of passenger buses, in addition to cars PAZ-32053.Their price varies depending on the selected options.For example, the price of PAZ-32054 reaches 1 million and 34 thousand rubles.The most expensive model of small class Pavlovsk Bus Plant is PAZ-32402 with a cost of one million and nine hundred thousand Russian rubles.