"Chevrolet Lanos" - interior tuning and styling

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At the end of the 90s of the last century the famous American group "Chevrolet" with his Korean colleagues published one of the most famous and popular cars budget class under the name "Chevrolet Lanos".Tuning of the "state employee" today in great demand, as the car initially had high performance and excellent design (although it is quite a success harmonious).By the way, this brand is popular not only in Russia but also abroad.And today, on the example of Russian and European car owners, we look at how this machine tuning.

«Chevrolet Lanos" - tuning styling + Photo

most popular option changes the external appearance of the car to make it sporty - it is, of course, the installation of new skirts and spoilers.In practice, it really looks impressive, the main thing - the right to choose the item you want tuning.Incidentally, there are special computer program called «3d-tuning."With their help any motorist who has grandiose plans to change the appearance of your car, can accurately find the right spoiler, body kit and much more.This allows you to plan future design of the iron each other, and do not be afraid to experiment.Thus, you can not worry about that, "whether this spoiler ideally complement the shape of the car or not."

«Chevrolet Lanos" - interior tuning

The interior of the car once characterized its budget.The pricing policy is that engineers simply were not able to create something better, especially since the court was then the 97th year.Therefore, modifying the interior had by the driver.We must start with the most important - sound (though it was placed more on the line).This annoying problem many car owners "Chevrolet Lanos".Tuning can significantly correct the problem.Here in front of the driver has two ways - either to give up his car in the hands of professionals or do everything yourself and save money.In the first case, the driver will do everything masters, but the second way, we will look in more detail.So, for a full sound insulation you need to remove all 4 door cards, dismantle the ceiling, all the seats and dismantle the luggage compartment - namely, its upholstery.All metal parts of the bitumen is applied, and wires and other "snot" can be treated using vibrodemfera.Incidentally, when the door cards and paneling are removed, you can take care of their appearance.Many motorists, for example, change the interior color of the upholstery.In the red, green - no difference.The main thing is that the color is harmoniously combined with a total interior and annoyed his master.

Conclusion In general, the whole process of changing the characteristics of a car depends on you and your imagination.Remember that tuning - it requires special attention when changing the external or internal shape of the iron a few times another look at the work of other car owners, and consider all the nuances.Then your car is comfortable, sporty and attractive.