External tuning "Priory" - finalizing design

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Currently car "VAZ Priora" car (sedan) is one of the most popular cars in Russia in its class.Last year alone, the Volga car factory has implemented more than 120 thousand copies of these machines in different versions and body styles.In part, this high demand due to the fact that the 2170 model is perfect for any constructive change.Tuning "Priority" - is not only cheap, but also beautiful.Perhaps that is why in Russia and Ukraine goes a lot of these "modified" cars.By the way, to make tuning "Priory" is not necessarily to seek professional help - you can still exercise your arms.In this article we will look at what to consider when styling (change of appearance) of the machine.

Why begin with appearance?

For almost all the car - this is the transport, which is estimated by appearance.Your efforts to change the engine and suspension can evaluate only you and your passengers, and for all the rest remains the main design.

order to give his iron other extraordinary view, change the "face", that is to change the standard bumper on sports.Fortunately, these drum kits elements can be found in any automotive store or ordered online.These fixtures manufacturer invests installation instructions, so that the service center is not necessary to call.After installation of new bumpers, many do not stop there.Actually, that's right, and tuning "Priora" need to bring to a conclusion.Then you can proceed with the purchase and installation of new spoilers.Properly selected item will give your iron friend more expressive and rapidity.As for toning, here is to be careful - in the past year, the Russian government passed a law banning tinting machines with a small light transmission.Therefore, tinted glass should be in moderation, or do not do it.The exhaust pipe can also be changed visually.Instead of sticking one little detail you can divide it into two parts and place the left and right sides.

«VAZ Priora" - tuning optics

This process deserves special attention.Many motorists would agree with the opinion that the quality matched optics can drastically change the design of the car.Therefore tuning "Priora" is impossible to imagine without LED or Xenon headlamps main beam.You can also buy conversion kits stoplights.Ready optics greatly save your time on the dismantling, completion and assembly of old lamps.In addition, they are found, without any problems.

«Lada Priora" - tuning for radical people

Those who want to make their VAZ really unique and original, it is recommended to take radical measures and fully processed door retention.Some craftsmen in order to give his "Priore" colorful make climbing up the loop.Thus, the door will open, like a high-priced sports cars "Lamborghini" and "Ferrari".But it is not cheap, and labor will have to invest a lot.But the result, of course, will impress many.