Padding of the saloon car with his hands using Alcantara - cheaply and efficiently

Probably every car owner wants his "iron friend" was the most individual and different compared to other cars in a better way.As a general rule, make the vehicle so helps tuning: the installation of new skirts, spoilers, airbrush, and so on.But to take such a risky experiment solved a few.How then to be?For those motorists who are afraid to make changes in the design of their machines, there is an internal tuning.One of its components is a hauling vehicle interior fabric or leather.Today we learn about this method a lot.

Where do the work?

There are two ways that make hauling the passenger compartment, - with their own hands or in the workshop with the help of professional equipment.The first case is perfect for those who want to create their own, unique style of the interior and thus save significant money.But it is necessary to work carefully, otherwise nothing will come of it.Those who do not want to waste your time constriction can order it at the service station.But it will not be free.Sometimes the services to issue invoices for a few thousand rubles, which is 10 times more than the cost of the material itself.By the way, what kind of fabric is better to choose?

Selection of material

most expensive work today is hauling the car interior leather.This is a very valuable material for simple and low cost machines it is not suitable.The only way out - it's Alcantara.This type of skin is a kind of alternative to the skin.Thanks to it you can make even the most squalid chic interior.In addition, there is a large variety of colors, which can be limited only by imagination motorist.You can buy the fabric in several colors and combine it so that it perfectly complemented the interior.

Properties Alcantara

This material is a composite material which has a high resistance to wear.It can keep its original appearance for a number of years, so hauling vehicle interior with their own hands alkantroy quite profitable.By the way, the process of constriction interior will not be as long, if we use this material.

Why choose that one instead?

Alcantara main advantage lies in its strength and resistance to abrasion.In addition, under the influence of direct sunlight a room will not fade for a long time.It is worth noting that the vehicle interior waist with their hands such material will speed up the processing and fitting fabric.And all because of its thick layer of mirror, which will be the same on either side.It is unlikely that the skin can boast such characteristics.The whole process is constriction in several stages, among which are:

  1. The cabin should make a complete dismantling of the old upholstery.
  2. measure its length and width.
  3. Move all the measurements on a separate sheet and measure out the same amount of new tissue.
  4. Sew Alcantara to the door cards and ceiling after removing them.
  5. Set all trim back into place.

In these stages, and is the process of removal / installation of cladding (ie, constriction).

Alcantara Where to buy?

now access this material are everywhere - it is sold to the automotive markets, shops, and even online.Besides its pricing policy does alkantroy the most popular material for tuning.There are also ways stitched vinyl.

As you can see, hauling the passenger compartment by hand, using Alcantara - is not only cheap, but also practical.