How to replace bearings outboard propeller shaft?

bearing outboard propeller shaft - a device that provides rotation and translation in the space parts.He fixes the axle shaft and receives support radial loads.But, like other parts outboard propeller shaft bearing ("Mercedes" and VAZ - no difference) will sooner or later need to be replaced.In this article we look at the stages of this process on the example of Russian VAZ models 05-07.

Preparation Tools

To replace the bearing outboard propeller shaft, you will need 2 wrench type 12 and 13 millimeters, a hammer, a steel nastavka and pliers, with which you will remove the lock ring.Also, do not forget about the special stripper bearing, without which the process is simply impossible.

Removing the outboard propeller shaft bearing?

VAZ "five", "six" and "Seven" have the same chassis design, so installation instructions and replacement of the parts fit all the above models.So, go to work.The first step is to put the car on a viewing hole and remove the propeller shaft and dismantle the crossbar (with a key to unscrew the bolt 27).It is worth remembering that the nut should not be completely removed - you need to leave a little room on the thread for further pulling out the plug.

And now we need a stripper.In general, it can be a different design - in the choice be sure to ask the seller of the vehicle model for which it was intended.With this tool the plug pressed into the propeller shaft.It is possible that this item can get stuck and do not lean.To do this, we use a hammer.Strongly do not have to knock, or deteriorate and extractor, and fork.Further, the right part is extruded and remove the base plate.Then he should be pressed bearing from the shaft.To do this, locate the 2 corners (50 to 50) and by means of them, relying on the gimbal, press out the worn-out spare.If necessary, you can take the metal nastavku and through it lightly strike with a hammer.All outboard propeller shaft bearing is removed.

But our work is not finished.After we learned bearing outboard propeller shaft, remove the retaining ring and washers gryazeotrazhatelnye.When you are ready to install the new parts.Installation is carried out in a similar way, but it is worth noting a caveat - to work should be lubricated with a new part.As a rule, manufacturers of pre-lubricated her, but this is not enough.To ensure the normal rotation of the drive shaft of the propeller, to gently pry the cover (wall) of the bearing by means of sewing and treat it.All are now new part is ready to install.By the way, if you notice that the spare scrolls with hooks, it is better to change to another, as this item is either defective or tampered with.

Following these instructions, you will easily replace outdated spare parts for the new, providing your car a long and trouble-free operation.