Where winter and wasps as they prepare for winter?

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Many insects cause a person a sense of ambivalence.Take, for example, the same OS that many are afraid of them, but also want to learn more about their lives.In particular, animal lovers are often haunted by the question of where the wasps hibernate.

In the warmer months, these industrious insects everywhere: they always work, destroying a lot of pests garden.But with the onset of cold weather all the wasps disappear somewhere.Let's understand this mystery and for all put an end to all sorts of errors in this area!

Some believe that their nests, which often can be found in attics, gates, and other secluded places, serve as "winter quarters".Well, if you remember the bees, such an assumption is quite logical.But, unfortunately, it is not.

jack - this is not the place where the wasps hibernate, as it is exclusively a summer dwelling.In cold weather, wasps' nests are empty: removing one of them, you can easily see for yourself.

actually wasps fall into winter hibernation, hiding under the bark of trees, in the cracks of wood and other shelters.It should be noted that the long snowy winters and thaw them are extremely dangerous because many individuals in this case simply freeze.

So, in southern Germany, has recently seen a catastrophic shortage of wasps: the local population accustomed to mild winters and late-hibernation.The current instability of the climate causes them to freeze the mass.

So how and where wasps hibernate?In the middle of fall all working females and males fall into a stupor, become inactive and die.The rest of the uterus is looking for a place for their winter hibernation, and at the first sign of cold weather climbs there and freezes until the spring.

During this period, its body temperature drops to a minimum, metabolism is practically stopped.With the first rays of the sun wasp it comes to life and begins to feed intensively to build a nest.Note that the insect is a wasp is not always a life cycle.

Some species living in Kazakhstan, the output of young females only at the beginning of August.And because the winter is sent not only to the uterus, but they are.In this case, juveniles are starting to build a nest in the spring and provide nutrition colony, while the main female engaged in laying eggs.

Note that not all kinds of young wasps help the uterus.In most cases, they are scattered in the surrounding area and base their own colonies and their parent alone builds the "beehive" and raises the young shift.Only after their maturation, it can focus on the postponement of the new batch of eggs.

Since wasps overwinter in old trees, it is often used by wild boars.In southern areas, they often searched all the rotten stumps, looking for "parking" is considered insects.However, in the summer they do it willingly at least, as the larvae of wasps are a delicacy for them.

Note that there are genera Vespula and Dolichovespula, which completely disappeared caste workers.After wintering, their queen lays eggs in the nests of other species, and then mate with grown males.Their nests, they do not build.

We hope that you have learned about the places where wasps hibernate.As you can see, this is very interesting!