Apatity - minerals "generalist"

Mankind would not have a tenth of his wealth of knowledge and if had not learned to use minerals.Fuel, drugs and weapons - is not a complete list of what could be obtained from them even to our distant ancestors.

Among the huge variety of their allocated apatite.Minerals such as widely used, that without them, our civilization is no longer possible to imagine.

That minerals which have a specific crystal structure.Their very name can be translated as "deception, a mirage," as often apatite can be confused with other minerals.They are also unique because they are on the very brink that separates the living nature of inanimate matter.

Thus, various phosphorus compounds - is apatite.Minerals on the basis of this element are widely used in industry, but it makes a good deal of our bones and teeth.

due consideration to the resources in almost all types of geological processes, and therefore encountered in the magmatic, metasomatic and sedimentary rocks.Simply put, everywhere.

industrial purposes often used sedimentary apatite.Minerals based on them provide 90% of world production of phosphates.

Most deposits are in Russia, Canada, USA and Brazil.Their use in the production of fertilizers, food additives for livestock, in the manufacture of powder and medicines.Without them it is impossible to manufacture fluorescent lamps and certain types of lasers.

As you can see, apatite - minerals, without which modern industry would just stood up.Further, the same sign phosphorus chemists as a powerful catalyst, without which there are many important reactions.

Thus, all of the country in which there are large deposits of minerals said to have an important strategic reserve.

Our power has the largest reserves of apatite ores (along with the US).There are 20 deposits that geologists estimate of 1.5 billion. Tonnes of ore, which is about 8% of total world reserves.

This year the number of explored deposits is estimated at $ 700 mln. Tons.The largest deposit of apatite is in the Murmansk region (more precisely, a set of seven mining companies).

It must be remembered that there are not so pleasant circumstances:

  • quality of domestic raw materials (as already explored and projected) is rather low;
  • very negative situation in the field of logistics;
  • most of the extracted raw material is exported, virtually ensuring domestic agriculture;
  • high cost of fuel, which results in high cost of the final product in its transport;
  • FAS complete inability to do anything with the monopolization of the domestic market of apatite.

All this leads to the fact that our customers are suffering.Take, for example, all the same agriculture.European farmers are obtained several times more fertilizer (including those derived from our apatite).

As a result, cereal yields in France - more than 50 tons per hectare, while we have this figure does not exceed 18 kilograms.

We hope you have learned about what is apatite.Useful fossil of this kind - an extremely valuable and important resource for mankind.