Starry Bulimia: Most skinny victim of Hollywood

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representatives of health has long been trumpeting the dangers of imitation stars.Still, the show business can be safely put on one of the first places on the degree of harm to the body (and voluntary).With covers of glossy smile exhausted actress and model, setting global standards of beauty.Meanwhile, the stars are willing to admit that the desire to have "zero" size brought them to handle.We offer you a list of stars that are most affected by diet.

expression "Beauty requires sacrifice" is as old as the world.Famous American singer and choreographer Paula Abdul is also no longer young, but still can not forget how in 1994 appealed to the clinic with complaints of severe bulimia, which brought the actress to the highest degree of neurosis.In recognition of the floors with a malignant disease she still could not overcome completely.However, she is confident that hardly would have avoided what happened, because the strict confines of show business leaves no choice - I had to lose weight.Itself Paul believes that the struggle with bulimia in her life played a huge role, and left a large imprint on the individual, which it is now.

young mother who recently Jessica Alba also admits that at the time was pomeshena on diets."I'm just mad at him went, - says the actress.- Many women have suffered ever malnutrition, and I do too.As a result, it has become too skinny.Now I'm focused on getting to bounce back. "

But former "peppercorn" Geri Halliwell, who after a long career break a few years ago surprised everyone Supersports figure in the movie «It's raining man», a long time entertained myself that overate to satiety, and then thrust into his mouth with two fingers.This game ended in failure for the singer in 2002 she had to go to the clinic with acute Arizona bulimia."I realized that I can no longer control this monster.I needed help.I fell on my knees and prayed: "God, please help me!" - Said the red-haired Halliwell.- It (the hospital) were all equal.Fame and money meant nothing. "Unfortunately, depressing disease, according to the singer, she has not left it until now.However, the treatment has benefited, and with infrequent and not very strong attacks Jerry can already handle herself.

colleague Gerry Halliwell on the cult group Spice Girls Victoria Beckham also stores memories of the disease.In recognition of Posh, before she was so obsessed with their appearance, bringing your body to all of the same bulimia.However, Victoria was able to overcome time itself.Now, she said, she leads a healthy lifestyle.Well, looking at her dystrophic-chiseled figure in this little hard to believe, but the wife of a football player happy face and the presence of three healthy children, happily waving doubt.

One of the few actresses in the history, which was trying not to increase and decrease the breast - Christina Ricci.According to her, at a young age her impressive bust produced furore on the opposite sex, but it's so confused girl that she decided to lose weight to a minimum.Fuel to the fire adds professional activities: Christine, one after another battered women as young children.All this has led to anorexia.However, Christina is often called one of the most extraordinary representatives of Hollywood - nothing stopped her on the way to the heights of acting."Now I am in the movie" Prozac Nation "and the main reason for my depression character - weight loss.So I'm trying to better get into character, "- said Christina, when once again become a" skeleton in the skin. "

One of the most famous twins Mary-Kate Olsen joined the list bulimikov relatively recently, in 2004.After years of speculation over his lean body actress she resorted to medical help in the fight against malnutrition.For months, the tabloids, internet sites, fans and detractors discussed plane figure of Mary-Kate, wondering what is the secret of such a dizzying (and kind of scary!) Results.Sickly and haggard appearance of the actress at the premiere of the painting "New York Minute" spoke for itself: beautiful star was the victim of bulimia.

Bulimia - a terrible thing, and is a severe test.However, it is necessary to fight it, gathering all his physical and mental strength.The best example of conflict "a dietary fever" has shown the famous British model Kate Dillon.Having conquered the fashion business at the age of 16 years, she has collaborated with Dior, L'Oreal and Missoni.Kate was too thin, and fascinated all at the same time had severe anorexia for many years, exhausting yourself malnutrition.At one point, "the soul of a poet" did not survive - Kate gained weight.However, when the manager demanded that she return to the old bony mind she rebelled.She realized that a normal life is much more pleasant.Now Kate is listed as a model category «plus-size», urges women not to imitate the silly stereotypes and be confident in yourself, in spite of the natural data.Applause - People magazine annually brings Kate Dillon to the list of "most beautiful people" on the planet!

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