Holocaust children - the most terrible crime against humanity

most horrific crimes against humanity had been committed during the Second World War.In Europe and the former Soviet Union, there is practically no families who would not have suffered at the hands of the Nazis.Someone died in war fathers, sons, brothers, someone lost his family during the bombing, but the most terrible thing - it's the Holocaust children forcibly taken from their parents.In the period of 1933-1945 years affected millions of any innocent children of different nationalities and faiths.Few of them managed to survive the fate of thousands of children in the postwar period were engaged in humanitarian organizations.

selective extermination of children

Hitler was obsessed with the purity of the Aryan race, so he organized a special program to fight for its purification.The children of Jews and Gypsies were destroyed in the first place because they were considered dangerous for Germany.Extermination have also been physically and mentally handicapped children from the occupied territories of the Soviet Union, Poland and Germany.Holocaust children affected many families in the camp fell as orphans and children forcibly taken away from their parents.All of the victims can be divided into several groups:

  • children of 12 years were used as labor and medical experiments;
  • destroyed newborns;
  • children killed immediately on arrival at the camp;
  • born in the death camps and ghettos, who managed to escape thanks to the people ukryvshim them from the Nazis.

ratio Nazi

children in the ghetto poor more likely to die from disease and starvation.Nazis is a little worried as kids for them to have little value in most cases they were destroyed together with the disabled and the elderly first.Children of the Holocaust over 12 years old were used as labor, but the conditions were such that they have not been kept.Weak Nazis gassed, shot, or simply left to die in agony.The Holocaust has become a disgrace to the children of the nation, the Germans still can not be cleared to the public for those terrible acts.Fate kids usually disposed of the Judenrat, in his order of the guys were deported to death camps.

surviving children

blonde, blue-eyed children with light skin are more fortunate, they took away from their parents, but not killed, and sent to be raised in "racially full" German families, such as the appearance was "Aryan".The Holocaust has affected thousands of children are not young Jews who were deported from Germany and Nazi-occupied countries, the program "Kindertransport".There were brave people, who agreed to hide under his roof accidents.Many children have taken refuge in Belgium, Italy, in France, they hid in their nuns, Catholic priests, Protestant family.

Monument Holocaust will always remind people of unprecedented cruelty and brutality of some historical figures and warn against repetition of such horrors.Nobody has the right to dispose of the life of another person, make him a slave or sacrificed on a whim.