Arizona - State of fabulous landscapes

Arizona - the state, located in the south-west of the country and entered into its composition in 1912, forty-eighth.Only later were joined Alaska and Hawaii.The capital of this beautiful area - the city of Phoenix (or Phoenix - Phoenix), one of the largest cities of the USA.Arizona is famous for the unique natural wonder - the Grand Canyon, through which flows the river of Colorado.In addition, there is nothing to be surprised, because the landscape is exceptionally diverse and absolute dissimilarity to other scenic parts of the world.


Population Arizona - about six and a half million people, including an Indian group - the largest in the world, is more than four percent.These lands after the Indians possessed Kingdom of Spain, then Mexico.Thus, it turned out that Arizona - the state, which merged three distinct cultures: Indian, Spanish and English.The Indians, formerly owned all the territories completely, now live on reservations, is no more than a third of all the land, they are very much reminiscent of those times immemorial.Indian country in northeastern Arizona is famous for a huge and indescribable beauty canyon De Chelly, there is no less picturesque valley Monument Valley, numerous times Pueblo ruins in the lands of the Navajo Nation.Hopi villages are located in remote mountain areas, lost between cliffs.Amazingly cinematic and spectacular mountains in the southeast where settled the last of the tribes to bow before the white conquerors - the Apaches.The name "Arizona" staff got it from the Indians.Symbolically, it is translated as "short spring."


In the 19th century began to change during the shtetl life.Arizona Map US does not mean that these lands were discovered large deposits of minerals.At the same time it began and the development of agriculture.As a result, the United States has acquired a new territorial entity with densely populated metropolitan areas, well-developed industry and numerous farms.

More Landscape

Placers lakes and vast stone desert mountain peaks, took out the sun, and beautiful meadows, narrow and deep canyons and high mountain plateau - this is Arizona State of extraordinary contrasts, the most beautiful in America.He is full of protected areas such as national parks and reserves Paynted Desert, Petrifid Forest, Rainbow Forest, Oak Creek Canyon, Coronado.Artificial Lake Mead with its natural stone bridge in the Navajo reservation Uncounted attracts crowds of tourists.Santa Catalina Mountains with spectacular views - of the National Forest.

Cultural monuments

In the town of Lake Havasu City is the real London Bridge over Colorado.He was brought from England and reassembled.In the Montezuma Castle, - the archaeological site of Pueblo culture with a magnificent museum.Rock city Tonto - dwelling Indians Salado, scenic Tucson Sabino Canyon and near - Saguaro (National Park) and the Fish and Wildlife Museum.Immediately park the studio, where they were taken almost all the early American westerns.


In southern Arizona, the Valley of the Sun stretched city of Phoenix.Surrounded by high mountains, it seems to be on a par with their growth.Around him grew satellite towns, and as a result the total population of the state capital and the surrounding cities of more than four million.The tourism industry is well developed in the fast-growing resort cities such as Tucson, Mesa, Chandler.Arizona - the state of growing, wealth allows it.No wonder the state motto sounds like "God be with the rich!"