Prayer "Rejoice, Virgin, rejoice," one of the main

Many people now consider themselves to be Christians, but do not know even the most basic prayers that once knew by heart the children.Not everyone even understand why to know them by heart, you can always pray in their own words.This, of course, correct, prayer - this is not some kind of magic formula.Not so important, what it refers to the words of God, man has value in what mood.So why, then, to learn the prayers by heart or read them in prayers?

All modern prayers composed not just people, and saints, ascetics.These were people with a great spiritual experience, talented writers, who in a few words could express the most important briefly but succinctly.For example, the prayers that it should read before communion, filled with repentance, the awareness of his unworthiness, and the greatness of God.

Prayers Our Lady usually have a slightly different color.They are similar to the treatment of the child to his mother.The text of the prayer "Hail Mary, Hail" is composed of several passages.

Explanation text

Treatment begins with a greeting with which the angel addressed to the Virgin.At this point, it committed reading and prayer."Rejoice, O Virgin, Rejoice!" - That's how a young girl angel greeted Mary.

Of course, she was confused.And asked why such a strange appeal?On this Archangel announced a surprising news that is heard, finally, the universal prayer."Rejoice, O Virgin, Rejoice, you bear a son who would be the Savior of the world."Maria started to figure out how it could happen, if it "does not know her husband."But Archangel said that conception will of the Holy Spirit.During the prayer, we constantly mention part of the Arkhangelsk speech: "Blessed art thou amongst women", "blessed is the fruit of thy womb."The fruit of the womb - is, of course, Christ.This praise the Mother of God, of course, became the most expensive memory of the Virgin of her earthly life, and the moment that turned the whole history of the Earth.

How to pray

The most common prayer for the modern man - a request, and if the request is not, it seems no longer a prayer."Rejoice, O Virgin, rejoice, blessing God be with you" - all this praise, not a request, and that's fine.Some people see God as a supreme social security, there is not a relationship, and the endless transactions and complaints.Not that Christ wanted when he came to Earth.He did not promise an easy life, he did not promise well-being.On the contrary, he spoke of the difficulties that would persecute Christians.

But the Lord is always ready to help, we need only to ask.The main purpose of a Christian - to save his soul, he must constantly improve, to approach God.And the main tool with which we must act - prayer."Rejoice, O Virgin, Rejoice!" - In the sense of totally unique praise.This is a reminder of the moment when a girl became so close to God, as no one before or after it.

course, the Mother of God from birth was a special child, but in a sense, exactly the same as everyone else.Her act as temptations She also had to deal with inappropriate desires as all of us.But mostly She put God in his life, gave up everything, even marriage and motherhood for Him.As a result, she became the One Who changed everything.

Were there options?

Annunciation - celebration in memory of a visit to the Virgin Mary by the Archangel, when it was first uttered a greeting or prayer: "Virgin, rejoice!" Archangel proclaimed the Mother of God the will of God, but he also seeks her consent and what is happening.That is dependent on the will of her at that moment the fate of the world and God's design for people.But fortunately, this girl (she was only 15 then) said, "Budi Mi for your verb."It also should learn from the Mother of God, if we pray, it is necessary to issue a decision to trust God and not to insist on.