Hair dye Olia - high-tech guard Beauty

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Beauty no casualties - the motto of modern cosmetic companies.In the age of high-tech few of the beautiful half of humanity will want to torture yourself to look well-groomed and attractive, and yet we women always want something in yourself to improve.One of the most simple and affordable options to experiment with their image - change hairstyle and (or) color hair.Hair dye allows Olia how to strengthen, enhance the beauty of the natural tone hair, making it more vivid and deep, and radically change their style.

Who on the newcomer?

Dye your hair women started from the time of antiquity, while in the course were grass-flowers: a decoction of chamomile pharmacy, infusion from the husk of the common onion.It was safe, but for a long time.Later, the case began to connect the alchemists, creating the unthinkable thinkable, substances with coloring properties.In the twilight of the 19th century there is paint on the basis of the ammonia, which eventually though and developed by many developers, but basically differed little from the original source.And finally happened!New on the market hairdresser industry - hair dye Olia.

expert opinion

Hair Dye Olia - a true breakthrough in home hair color.Its main advantage is the absence of ammonia components.And - as a result - contrary pungent odor, disturbing the structure of the hair, its thinning.As the name implies Olia, paint is developed on the oil-based.What gives?Using as a guide the healing flower oil, it conducts active pigments deeper into the hair, and therefore is more resistant to staining.Any alkali, namely These include ammonia, harmful to the hair, because they make them dry and brittle.

surface of each filaments consists of a large number of scales.Hair dye Olia (thanks to oil-based) is not loosens this layer.Visually hair with a smooth intact structure look healthy, have a bright luster, uniformity over the entire length (no dry and split ends).Especially important to use a paint bezammiachnoy for those women who have gray hair, because their structure is different from the hair with natural pigments.Hair dye Olia - reviews of hundreds of shoppers vivid example - paints a gray hair reliably and favorably affects the general condition of hair.Hair color not only acquire but also easier to fit, well-kept shape haircuts or hairstyles pushatsya less, become softer and more elastic.

comfort to the masses

Now, to get the desired color or shade, there is no need to visit an elite salon, written by the best hairdressers and pay the inflated price.Easy, simple and safe painting became available at home.Developers have provided us with a wide range of 25 shades palette Olia.Hair dye ceased to be strange, smelly substance.Most of all, she reminds exquisite cream of the highest quality, which takes care of the hair at coloring and does not irritate sensitive skin on your head.On the creation of this product worked best experts in the development of hair, and the company Garnier for many years been recognized as one of the best in the domestic and global markets.