Psychological training on team building

result of the company depends on the productivity of employees.Logically, the only rally the laboring fierce competition among the team can succeed in business.Therefore, psychologists developed a training course on team building (teambuilding).

What is team building?

This word comes from two English: team - team and the building - construction.Teambuilding - a professional association of all workers (especially conflicting) with training to create the perfect team that can achieve many of the goals in the business.Such events to train and develop the capacity of people.They are held in the form of a game most often on the general holiday or other corporate parties.This can be:

  • analysis of conflict situations;
  • discussion;
  • role-playing game;
  • analysis of complex issues.

example finished program

training on team building built on entertainment jobs.For example, "Feed ads in the newspaper."Its essence lies in the fact that each participant creates a publication under the heading "I am a friend."Written work shall not be signed by the master.Then the players free their seats, and the master leaves lays on a table in a different order.Each participant has to avoid all the ads and put a plus sign in the fact that like most.In the end, they analyzed the work which has been put a big plus.

Ā«Ropes Course" - a sporting event, where everyone has to stand in a circle and take the rope.In the center is the leading, which is suitable to the participants and hurt their hands.People who are in the circle need to remove them to keep up contact.If someone could not do it, it becomes the master.

in training on team building can be turned on the game "Bubble."All participants need to join hands, forming a circle.Then it is necessary to expand as long as someone does not let his hands.The loser man out of the game.

Game "Turnip" is performed as follows: all participants must stand each other, clasping his hands in front of standing around his waist.Anyone who stands at the beginning of the chain, holding on to the pole.The purpose of driving - the last player to pull, trying to remove it from the other.

Psychological training on team building will take more fun with the game, "Golden Gate", where everything must be divided into two teams.The first forms a circle and raises his hands up, mimicking the gate.Players of the second group must hold each other's hands.Then they, like a snake, moving quickly, trying to avoid all the gates.Leading a speech, after which the first team players throw up their hands (closed gate).Those who are in the middle of the circle, getting caught.

to organize an effective and memorable training on team-building, may require individual professionals: managers, presenters, writers, photographers and others.Qualitative event will not only bring pleasure, but also will be more useful.Today, there are many agencies offering these services.They usually have their own program of training on team building, but you can develop a custom script.