How to cook rice for the rolls in multivarka

Not for nothing called the figure "second bread planet."In Asian countries, wheat and rye do not enjoy success, and there are growing these grasses bad.So familiar to us there bread is replaced by rice.From it is prepared a lot of different dishes, including the desserts.In Japan, this product is especially popular.Rice paper making, powder vodka.

But now we will focus on the land, but rather, on the roll.By the way, this dish first appeared in the XVII century.The cookbooks of the time referred to rolls of rice, vegetables and seafood.But familiar to us from the leaf of nori rolls, raw fish and under the various sauces and wasabi invented in the XIX century Tokyo chef Yohei Khan.He left clear instructions about what to do to prepare for a delicious rice rolls.

Choose grade

In the case of folding rolls should focus on choosing the right varieties of rice.After all, it is important that it does not fall apart, as in the rice, but at the same time that he did not come out of the viscous mass as Children casseroles.Grain must contain large amounts of starch.Then, when cooked it remains attractive unibody and get a sticky mess, and the product will not fall apart.

Which figure is needed to roll?In the big cities will not be any problems with that.You go to the supermarket and buy a pack of varieties "Nikishov."The packaging often and it is written: "For the land."This rice is ideal for sculpting.No mess, just clay.There are sort of "japonica" and "Mistral".They rounded grains and matte.Well, if you live in the countryside, away from globalization, with its supermarkets, what is the figure used to roll?Neutral "Krasnodar".He also kruglozernisty.Good because it gives a lot of toughness.However, he is inclined to lose the form of grain.

Washing cereals

Before you boil rice for the rolls, it must be very carefully washed.Take a large container with wide margins.Pour back rice.Rule of a large bowl for washing must be followed strictly, even if we have rice only one hundred grams.Fill the grain with water, mix, filter.Dipping his hands in a new batch of liquid and lightly grind rice between your palms.This procedure is repeated three or four times, until the water is completely clear.Then the grain is thrown back to the screen.Once all the liquid has drained, fill it again with clean water and leave for half an hour or even an hour.

How to cook rice in the rolls

multivarka, of course, it will be easier.But when there were rolls, of such devices and not unheard of.If we stick to the traditional way of cooking, take a small saucepan, put to the washed rice.Fill in exactly the same amount of cold water.That is, if we have a glass of grain, we need such a fluid container.Advanced cooks can put into the water a piece of kombu seaweed.

Put the pan on the biggest fire.Once the water boils, take out the kombu, switch the flame to minimum and cover the lid Fig.Cook until all the liquid has evaporated from the pan.As soon as this moment will come, switch the fire on high.So keep a tight lid closed for about fifteen seconds.Turn off the stove.

main secret of cooking rice cereal to

not lost tackiness was at the time (that is not damp and not overcooked), it is important not to lose any pots out of one gram of water.Liquid and vapor should act within it.When we cook rice for the rolls in multivarka, this is no problem.We just pour cereal required amount of water and set mode ("Rice, buckwheat") and time (25 minutes).The cover from the device during the process, we, naturally, do not shoot.And how to be with a conventional pan?How do we know that all the liquid has evaporated from the rice porridge?

Yes, a few times to lift the lid will be required (as well as to prevent the contents to not burnt).After turning off the fire from paruyuschey cereals will be allocated to the condensate.That it does not drip back into the rice, between the lid and the walls of the pan should put a paper towel.Then, the condensate will be absorbed this blotter, and you have a wonderful sticky mess.

Cooking marinade

As you have probably noticed, we do not advise you to add to rice for the rolls - in multivarka whether or saucepan - salt.So far what we have absolutely tasteless porridge.To bring it to the desired condition and ready to make the rolls, we must soak it with marinade.Traditionally, it is prepared as follows: Pour into a large glass of sugar and the same amount of sea salt, pour 100 ml rice vinegar.In European terms, this last ingredient is permissible to replace white table wine.The mixture should be a good stir until dry products is completely dissolved.Then clap the marinade in the fridge for an hour.


No matter where we were cooking rice for the rolls - in multivarka or saucepan - impregnation, the last phase of our work requires a wooden bowl.The cooled to room temperature to shift the rump gently and lightly chop sticks or wood (a prerequisite!) Shovel.Fill with cold marinade.Leave for five to ten minutes.Then a spatula carefully studied rice to eliminate any lumps.We reserve has not yet been a quarter of an hour.Now you can cut a piece of nori, to shift its rough side up on the mat and do Makis twisting rolls.Put next to a bowl of cold water and regularly dipped in her fingers to the rice lime in hand.