How to cook the sugar?

Petushki red and gold leaf, mint green candy on sticks, candy in the form of the Kremlin - as wonderful sweets from childhood comes to mind when going to cook something of burnt sugar!From a caramel at home can make any form of sweets and decorations for desserts, cakes and other confectionery delights.

types of sugar syrup

How to cook sugar for candy and other sweets of this type?To treat your turned out so, as it should, you should know some important technological details.Firstly, the syrup during the cooking process takes several steps, each of which has its own parameters.At home, try to do the color, texture and taste.So if you just learned how to cook sugar, and learn that you need to pay attention to the thickness of the resulting yarn toughness sweet ball, and the color - caramel or zhzhёny.

stages of melting sugar "enveloping»

To make caramel own, you must clearly keep track of the steps of melting sugar.The first is called "Wrapping".Water and sand are brought to the boiling point (100 degrees) and maintained in this state for some time, until a syrup forms.The fire does not have to be strong, otherwise the syrup will thicken quickly.If you omit the syrup in a spoon and immediately remove, its sweetness will wrap a thin film.This is how to cook the sugar in the fruit or caramel shell savarenov.

thin caramel thread

If the pan from heat is not removed, will soon begin the second phase - the crystallization of syrup.The boiling point should be brought to 105 degrees already.The liquid in the pot begins to thicken.If you omit it in a spoon and gently pull syrup pulled thin threads, quite fragile.Here it is necessary to stop those who want to learn how to cook the sugar to make candied fruit.


next step - the formation of the glaze.The boiling point is 110 degrees.Sugar strands become thicker, stronger.If you omit the syrup spoon, it is uniformly covered with a light sweet substance.Here's how to cook the sugar to the stage when the product is suitable for glazing pastry or fruit.

«Sweet pearls»

For even more dense goodies continue to increase the boiling point.Now it must be equal to +112 ° C.In addition to the solid, thick, sparkling strands, syrup surface covered with small bubbles.Do not miss this moment, if you are interested in how to cook homemade sugar pastilles.And if the fire to make stronger, increase the temperature to + 115 ° C, the bubbles become voluminous and harder.Dropping in a liquid chestnuts, you get the famous French dessert.Rascal same syrup to + 125 ° C, you can cook on the basis of its butter cream, nougat and many other delicious things!


And here we come to an important point, namely the description of how to cook the caramel from sugar.The temperature should be about 135 ° C.To check if the syrup has reached the desired degree of density, type a droplet in a spoon and drip into the cold water.If the ball kept its shape, the blank is correct and everything is ready for candy.It is also good to make sweet "waste of time" and other sugar ornaments.The candy syrup is transformed when there is almost no water remains (from + 155 ° C).

color sugar products

All Products sugar production described above, have a pronounced silvery sheen and rich color.Starting from + 145 ° C and higher hue syrup varies - from straw-yellow to golden brown and then to varying degrees of saturation.Already more like zhzhёnku such sugar is not used as a dessert, and as an additive to ice cream, cream, etc.

ware and accessories

Now you know how to cook the caramel from sugar for candy.Next question: "What's it do?"To prepare the syrup thick-walled pan needs to burnt sugar quickly.Do the dishes have to be comfortable handles.Stir the product should be a wooden spoon or silicone spatula or without diligent stirring.To measure the temperature, use the special cooking thermometer.

Candies from childhood

And now, in fact, about how to cook candy sugar - "cocks".First of all, for the manufacture of goodies you'll need special molds.They consist of two halves, which should be firmly connected and secure.Pre-lubricate the inside thoroughly both sides with vegetable oil.Sugar syrup is boiled down at a temperature of + 155 ° C, and then carefully to avoid burns, pour the caramel over the opening provided in the molds.Insert sticks and leave the candy, so they cool down.Half an hour later the tank open - your candy ready.This in general terms - a description of how to cook, "males" sugar.A detailed step by step instructions is as follows: take 700 grams of sugar, 250 ml of water, about 200 g of glucose, a little lemon juice.If you plan to use a dye, then it too supplies.In a saucepan, combine all ingredients and put it on fire.Let the contents boil.Add dye and a boiled syrup to the desired consistency and temperature.Pick a small brush: it you'll be able to shoot the syrup from the walls.When will the process of caramelization, hold the molds and cast the wonderful candy!So you know how to cook, "males" Sugar!

And a few more goodies

With different molds, you can cook a variety of sweets, experimenting with food dyes.And for a more interesting flavor and aromatic properties of syrup add not only the lemons, and other rich juice - citrus fruits or fruits and berries, as well as vanilla, ground cinnamon, and so on. D. If the molds you do not have, and homemade candieslike, it takes a small bowls and other utensils in the form of a hemisphere.Lubricate them with oil and pour a thin stream of syrup, then let cool.As a result, you get lollipops slides, which can be easy to eat, but you can turn to the original features to the table - cup, if you turn them down the bottom.

Caramel nuts

this wonderful dessert will delight the sweet tooth of any age.He is original in taste and nice to diversify your sweet table.You can use any nuts - shelled almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts.The latter nucleoli neatly divide into halves.When the caramel (the alignment of the products can be taken the same as for "males") boiled down to 155 ° C, each nut spread on needle and soak in the hot syrup.Quickly remove and place on podmaslennuyu plate and remove the needle.When the caramel coating hardens, you can take the candy and fun to eat.

candy raznotsvete

will be very tasty and just the pieces burnt sugar.Take 300 g of sugar, 100 g of water, 70 - glucose.Boil syrup at a temperature of 155 degrees.Spread out on the table well-oiled sheets of paper and spoon pour syrup on them freeform pools.Wait zastynut.Then gently take off and lakomtes to your health!


working with sugar syrup, you need to take precautions.When heated, it can greatly boil and splash, so take care of your hands.Stir stick to the pan by the handle, especially by tilting it to his side.Also, carefully poured into molds.