Very tasty fish sockeye: how to cook it in different ways

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One of the most expensive types of salmon - sockeye.How to cook it, and not to spoil the precious product?This question bothers those housewives that do not often regale such delicacies.Immediately hasten to reassure them: sockeye salmon - the fish is not "capricious."And you can cook it any way that mankind invented only for the fish.And worry about how to prepare tasty sockeye, is not worth it: Cooking any decision is sure to be successful.Tasteless the fish does not happen.

fish under the lemon

Most recipes telling how to cook in the oven for sockeye.This is not surprising: baking - one of the most successful ways of processing fish.And lemons are quite traditional ingredient in fish dishes.As for sockeye salmon recipe will look like.The carcass is cut into fillets or steaks.Duhovochny sheet slightly lubricate, it laid out the pieces of sockeye salmon.In a cup mix the melted butter with a slice of lemon.This composition pours the fish, sprinkle with salt, pepper and dill (summer - fresh, winter and dry suit).If you do not mind garlic, you can add it (preferably get dried).Thin slices of lemon are put on top of the carcass, and the pan is removed in an oven-minute 25.

Tomato sauce for roasting

most interesting thing in this recipe - a method of preparing gravy, which is stew fish sockeye.How to cook a sauce?To do this, two large red onion and a couple cloves of garlic crushed, are put into a container, sprinkled with olive oil and put in preheated oven for ten minutes.During this time it will be necessary a few times to mix.In parallel with the tomatoes (0.5 kg) peel, they are cut and poured into molds together with their juice, a teaspoon of fresh lemon zest and half a spoon of fennel.The sauce is enough for a kilo of fish.She is cut, rubbed with salt pepper and lowered into the gravy.After 10 minutes, if the bird was not too plump, you can carry the fish on the table.

baked with cheese

Another recipe by which it turns out tender and juicy fish sockeye.How to cook with cheese crust meat?The carcass wash after obsushivayut traditionally pepper rubbed with salt and put in a form.20 minutes it is baked right in such a way, until slightly browned, then filled cheese shavings and returned to the oven for another 10 minutes.Method of simple, almost primitive, and the result is impressive.

Sockeye salmon in foil

Foil - a unique invention of mankind.Thanks to the cooking has been enriched by the mass absolutely wonderful recipe.There is among them a way to cook sockeye in foil.Not too big bird, cleaned, gutted and washed, cut along the ridge into two halves, salted, seasoned with a minimum of peppers, but you can add other spices, sprinkled with lemon.Each part is put on different pieces of foil and coated with a light mayonnaise.You can on this and stop, but will taste better if put on the front half onion rings.The foil is tightly rolled, and sockeye salmon goes in the oven for half an hour.Delicate and fragrant result is guaranteed!

Spicy red salmon with vegetables in a sleeve

no less useful in baking and cooking sleeve.Good it will sockeye.How to cook it using a hose?There are a variety of recipes.One of the most successful one in which she prepares with a side dish that is baked with vegetables.A split carcass cut into portions pieces and salted.Potatoes cut into large cubes, carrots - circles, onion - half rings.Value vegetables - according to your taste and according to the size of the fish.All slicing falls out herbs.It is suitable olive, but you can make and their mixture.The sleeves are laid mixed vegetables and fish, it is tied, pierced for the steam and cleaned in hot oven for half an hour.

Salt sockeye

Do not forget how delicious salty red fish, including Sockeye.How to cook it yourself?It is easy and quickly.To start, decide its entirety you will pickle or steaks.The second embodiment is significantly faster.Brine is of 350 g salt (in 1 liter of water), and two table spoonfuls of sugar.It would be nice to add a bay leaf, and different kinds of pepper.To flavor went into the water, the brine is boiled.But it is necessary to fill them fish when it cools down.Sockeye salmon is placed in a container, covered with brine, pressed down the load and retract the cold.The time that she was there to hold depends on how much you like salted fish.For salted enough days for a strong salting - two.

best side dish for grilled sockeye

Let us first consider how sockeye salmon is fried.How to cook a side dish, we describe a little later.No special intricacies is not here.You can just fry the steaks in vegetable oil, after their salt and pepper.You can make the batter.In this case, only the whites whipped flour - so it turns out delicious.In principle, sockeye fried as well as other fish.And this dish will make it an extra touch of garnish.For him, it is taken the usual cabbage, finely shred and scalded with boiling water.Two small pickled cucumbers cut into slices, and small onion - rings.Six walnut kernels and chopped fried a little on the dry skillet.Connect all the components are complemented by a jar of canned corn, flavored with salt and pepper, dressed with low-fat mayonnaise.The best side dish for grilled sockeye salmon do not come up with!