Why dream of a sausage?

Many dreams are informative meaning, while some evidence of a certain state of man.For example, the feeling of hunger.Food is seen in many cases for this reason.Sources offer different interpretations of dreams.Sausage, for example, if seen as a man buys it, suggests a new acquisition or sailing Finance.There will come a well-fed life and well-being in sight.


idiomatic dream book says that the dream sausage is to be under the influence of violent emotions and strong feelings that are negative.Perhaps there comes a difficult period in his life, should be patient and careful in their actions.According to the Spring dream book, a vision promises a quick onset of disease.

esotericist E. Tsvetkov believes that it is an omen of small troubles, the possibility of a miss.Something in human activity can not go wrong by his own fault.Most likely due to an oversight or carelessness.

Dream book of the 21st century, by contrast, promises a small but pleasant joy.People who for a long time in a state of uncertainty, it is a sign of surprise.In some cases it is the harbinger of getting a big win or an inheritance.A wave of good luck and money close to the man need only to ride it.

Dream book Wanderer and Lunar

What dreams sausage?According to Dream book Wanderer is a small joys.Those who are lucky, fortune may give the lucky ticket.High probability of spontaneous winnings easy money.According to the Lunar Dream book when dreams sausage, this suggests that people tend to be content with little.He nepriveredliv in life, he does not need much.Attention is drawn to the position of the victim.Perhaps it is too exaggerated and totally in vain.We must learn to appreciate themselves, allowing you to have, in addition to the necessary, and even desirable.

Opinion Miller

psychologist G. Miller also made a dream book.Sausage, according to him, promises success in many endeavors.If you cook it in a dream, fortune certainly turn their attention to the person.You can schedule transactions, enter into contracts, all the best to happen.If you dream that man eats the sausage, it portends a gift receipt or acquisition of a small, but cozy home.Perhaps a private home.According Culinary Dream book, if a man dreamed that he was eating a sausage while thirsty, it heralds the entry into personal relationships that will require a lot of sleep restriction and expenses of various kinds.

luck and financial gain and promises a modern dream interpretation

Sausage portends getting large and valuable gift, perhaps an inheritance.According to Jewish dream book, it promises an easy way to bait.The same was said interpreter of the Apostle Simon the Zealot.

Small Veles dream interpretation gives the following interpretation: the sausage is an instant prize, a pleasant surprise.If the vision of sleep eat it, it speaks about the occurrence of joy.Perhaps heralds the arrival of guests.

Book of Fel

According interpreter Fel, this is a very weird dream.Smoked Sausage is seen in the fact that people will soon meet with colleagues who are hard-working, but sometimes exhibiting his stupidity.If the product is tempting with its appetizing appearance, this indicates that the family would soon come well-being.Whatever happens, harmony one may disturb or change.A good time to meet with close friends and relatives.In the air hovers a friendly and peaceful atmosphere reigns.


What dreams spoiled sausage?By the possible diseases of the digestive tract.Should pay more attention to their health, to make a survey and prevention of diseases.This dream is a sign that approaches painful period.If it is time to take all the necessary measures may not aggravate the illness or not will be a new diagnosis.


What dreams sausage?If it is to acquire arms, it is a kind of sign that we should not take hasty decisions, make conclusions about meeting new people.It is necessary to better understand the situation, to look at the man.Perhaps the first impression was wrong.In order not to deprive yourself of the chance for new useful contacts, a little bit better to give yourself time, and, at the same time, partly to let the situation.Soon all will become clear, and people make objective conclusions.


What dreams sausage?If it is cut, it promises confidence in all action taken.This may attract the success.All our plans succeed, it plans to fruition.If sleep sells products, it portends the loss of his loved ones.Thus the reason for this will be the man himself.Did any of his actions will harm the family budget.Man can hit gambling or bet with someone for money.

Smoked kind of sausage often dream as evidence in a measured and calm life.In general, the more appetizing appearance is a product of the greater prosperity and well-being shows vision.


All the dreams about food, tend to come when in fact sleep is experiencing hunger.He may even wake up for this reason.Often such dreams dreams pregnant or nursing during dieting.