Insinuations - this is a slander, fabrication and malicious fabrications discrediting

from the Latin word "innuendo" is literally translated as "blandness", "penetration".Insinuation - is slander, defame anyone.The information in this case indirectly served with a hint of any facts and circumstances.The main objective of this technique - undermine the credibility of the audience (readers) to his opponent, his behavior, opinions or arguments.

innuendo in politics - it hints directed against persons who have a certain power.Such statements in this case do not have clear moral and ethical reasoning.This is in order to avoid potential litigation and prosecutions in the courts.

meaning of "innuendo" and its origin

term "innuendo" was first used by the Byzantine emperor, general and reformer of Justinian I, the most outstanding monarch of the period of late antiquity.Insinuations he called the court approval of donations if they exceed a fixed amount to limit waste.

The rhetoric insinuation - is a figure of speech in a soft, ingratiating, and even obsequious manner.He creeps into the consciousness of hostile listeners quietly and necessary to prevent possible conflicts.Tempting words, as a rule, only indirectly related to the main topic of conversation, but the brain gets the listener in a trap set by the speaker, and he proceeds to direct the presentation of the main arguments.Such techniques help to win over the audience and achieve its complete disgust of the opponent.

Examples innuendo

insinuations - this statement, which is intended suggestion person any thought made smoothly.This is a hint, which is brought to listeners by means of special turns of speech with a hidden subtext, and which to some extent is a slander.In a speech using innuendo to ruin the reputation and undermine respect for the audience to the object for which this technique is applied.Insinuations put a man in a bad light, accusing him of immoral acts.

insinuation - is deliberately false information, which brings the listener to the obvious conclusion: that who say guilty.This information confirmed by the distortion of the facts.As a result of sharply reduced the credibility of the mentioned object, and return it can be very difficult.

Can I be held accountable for innuendo

prosecuted for dirty insinuations is quite difficult, because the information is given not directly but in a hidden form.If you can prove that your opponent is going slandered you, then perhaps you can attract him for slander or perjury.But in fact, it makes it almost impossible, because the prosecutor will always be able to justify the fact that you simply misunderstood his remarks.

In political circles, the main method of combating innuendo is to provide stakeholders with enough information about politicians in various forms (leaflets, articles, personal meetings and so on).