As the winter preparing protein?

Winter in our forests - the harsh and inhospitable.Low temperatures and a small amount of food leads to the fact that many forest dwellers do not live until spring.You know, for example, is preparing for the winter of protein?This little animal is very active, and therefore especially in need of large amounts of nutrients.

Unlike other inhabitants of the forest squirrels do not fall into hibernation.But this does not mean that they do not prepare themselves warm and safe shelter from the winter cold.As a rule, as such, it acts as a hollow or cleft in the tree.

The animal is lined with moss and his own hair, creating a thick pillow.But the winter preparing for the protein portion of the food?After all, to get the food out of the snow, she can not.

is why protein and makes an impressive inventory.She hides in large quantities nuts, acorns and seeds of cereals, "fasuya" them and secluded hollows fork of a tree.

especially appreciate proteins pine nuts, since the small amount they have high nutritional value.Since protein is preparing for the winter very well, for its supplies at times it is a real hunt, so she has to carefully mask their hiding places.

should be noted that their supplies this animal hides so well that sometimes he can not find them.So in the woods, new oak and fir: the seeds of neglected stores sprout, giving life to a new generation of trees.

Remember illustrations for children's stories in which painted squirrel hollow and around it hung dried mushrooms?So, proteins, and in fact do that.Edible mushrooms are a prick on the appropriate knots, and after drying hide them in the same cache.Typically, the proteins in the winter stocks include many of the valuable product.Dried mushrooms are not only nutritious, but also take up little space.

As we have said, a refuge in the event of extreme cold is hollow.But we should not think that the protein is limited only by the fact that it lay on the bottom of the coat and moss.Work it before the onset of cold weather is hard: the animal is completely prokonopachivaet all cracks around the woods looking for suitable pieces of wool and down.If frost is particularly strong, it is not even out of the shelter, spending all his time in a warm and safe hollow.

But protein is preparing for the winter, in addition to gathering supplies?An important part of this process is to molt she takes off her bright summer coat, changing it to a more appropriate gray "camouflage", which is much better animal masks on the background of the winter woods.This is very important: as the "trifle" like mice and hamsters still deep under snow, owls, ferrets, martens and other predators switch to protein.

Last but not least is the winter dramatically reduces the number is too young and too old animals, weakened their attention and caught in the claws of predators.

must say that the survival of these lovely creatures in the harsh winter, greatly helps the person installing feeders in the woods.If there happens to crop failures, such feeding - the only chance of survival proteins, because otherwise it just does not have enough supplies.

So you learned how the protein is preparing for the winter: this process is quite difficult, and the animals have a lot of work.