The feed squirrels in our woods?

Many people know that the proteins, these furry and cute animals, live in forests.But not everyone knows that these animals are quite whimsical, and because they live far from each such biotope.They need just enough light high forests where they can find enough food.By the way, what to eat proteins?

Strange as it may seem, but the menu includes far alone nuts.Proteins feel quite comfortable even in the orchard or vegetable garden, located near the forest.But the feed proteins in it?

course, the seeds of coniferous trees, hidden in the cones, make a decent part of her diet.But she might as well eat the seeds of grasses, apples and pears from the forest "wildings" as well as the kidneys of some tree species.Do not disdain proteins in mushrooms and berries.But you can greatly mistaken, seeing the nature of their vegetarian diet.So what to eat proteins, in addition to the cones and berries?

turns out these cute and charming animals can readily bite bug, and upon detection of the bird's nest will not turn up his nose from the eggs or chicks.By the way, due to these aspects of their supply of protein are often under suspicion of "sabotage."For example, in Poland this type from 1900 to 1960, twice placed under state protection, and then the same with him shooting the label of protected species.But how and what to eat proteins, it does not negate their harmful effects on the forest as a result of human stupidity.

Thus, after the First World Polish authorities have discovered that in the forests of the country this species is not actually left.It was issued strict laws forbidding any hunting squirrels.Within ten years, they multiplied that was not in forest cones for reproduction of the population of coniferous arrays.Remember, the feed squirrels in the woods, besides the cones?

huge squirrel population is not only "at the root" sgryzla entire crop of cones, but simultaneously destroying almost the entire young songbirds.Only then people began to think that the preparation and adoption of environmental laws should take into account a number of factors, the nature of the power of the protected species should not be considered a last resort.

As for protein, which live in urban areas, parks and populating the park area, they are often totally dependent on people who feed them.They can be given nuts, special food for insectivores and rodents, bread and fruit.Note that the feed protein candy is not recommended, as the carbohydrates in their diet, and without missing.

very interesting to watch how they eat nuts.The animal takes nut in paws and quickly turning it (as on a lathe), caves on the other side, where the fruit is pointed.After that, the protein inserts into the hole done by the two lower incisors.

What's so unusual about that?The fact that in these animals (as many rodents) the lower jaw consists of two halves which are connected by elastic cords.The animal breeds incisors just slightly to the side, and a nut split in half.

Now you know what to eat proteins in nature.