Fisherman's dream: fish marlin

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name "Marlene" is common for fish that belong to the family and Parusnikova percoid squad.In general, here are eleven species, the main of which are such as Atlantic bluefin, blue, black, and white striped.Marlin fish (it is located below the photo) can reach speeds of up to 130 km / h and is active, ruthless predator.Among its distinctive characteristics should be called an elongated streamlined body and head with a spear-shaped appendage.In size it is the largest of all bony fishes.Cases where the length of some individuals up to five meters.Marlin fish, regardless of species, considered to be elite trophy in sport fishing.In most cases it is photographed and released.Therefore, meals out of it belong to the category of delicacies, which are found mainly in expensive restaurants.

most valuable in the whole family is fish black marlin.Her body covers a multitude of small elongated flakes that completely hidden under the skin.The dorsal fin consists of two different-sized parts.Chief, the first fin has a long base with spiny rays and the second - a short and is located closer to the tail.The pectoral fins are distinguished in that the body they are not adjacent.The tail of this fish has a crescent shape and is formed thin, but extremely durable blades.The maxillary teeth are poorly developed.Weight from black marlin species too large.One was caught with a copy of a record weight, which amounted to 708 kilograms.

These fish are found mainly in the Indian, Pacific Oceans, the Coral Sea and off the coast of Central America and Mexico.The predator feeds primarily on squid and tuna, at least - other large fish.In deep water, he almost does not hunt.Marlin fish spawns mainly in the tropical regions of the equatorial band.This process continues throughout the year.At the same time, members of the family do not create large gatherings and do not carry out systematic migrations.An interesting feature of this type of fish is breathing.The fact is that being under water, they swim with mouth half open.Water is that at this time passes through their gills, oxygenates the blood and the whole body.

marlin fish, regardless of subtype, has high-value and very tasty meat.It is caught mainly by longline (similar to tuna extract), or using a harpoon.The sport fishing using spinning.However, the struggle with the giant, who was on the hook, is often long and complex.Fish are constantly trying to get away to the depth, and sometimes even high jumps into the air.Among avid fans of the sport should be noted Ernest Hemingway, who marlin knowledge of the habits and the intricacies of the process of catching them helped write the novel "The Old Man and the Sea."Now everyone has the opportunity to see this fish stuffed by visiting the Natural History Museum, which is located in Washington the Smithsonian Institution.