Transport for real adventure: 6 questions when choosing a stroller

short walk or a long journey can be for you and your little one exciting adventure, an important access to the light or business trip - it all depends on your mood and correctly picked strollers and accessories.

Before buying a pram it is important to determine how active your lifestyle and the situations in which you have to use a wheelchair often.This will help you choose a vehicle for baby and accessories that best suits your needs.After answering a few questions, you will be able to make the right decision.

1. Do you plan to walk a lot?

If you want to walk in the city, it is easy to select a universal Prams, designed for children from birth.For walks in the country or in the forest, along roads with bumps and potholes are ideal for wheelchairs with the big wheels larger than 25 cm. As a rule, the smaller the wheel, the more maneuverable stroller, but with the increase in the diameter of the wheels increases the permeability of the carriage.

Store Prenatal Milano offers a wide range of models of wheelchairs for children.Prenatal Stroller brand for walks and trips are not only safe and functional, but also manufactured in accordance with the trends of contemporary Italian design.

2. How often do you use public transport?

If you frequently and actively navigating, you will approach a stroller, the seat of which can be brought into a horizontal position, the baby could rest on the road.

How, for example, stroller Surfer on Prenatal - current model in sporty style 3 in 1 Complete cradle, seat and seat unit.The model has a height adjustable handles, front swivel wheels and rear wheels of greater diameter and with a latch damping.Child safety is provided by a 5-point belt with soft straps for greater comfort of the baby.The carriage is equipped with a shopping basket and a removable crossbar for the child.

From 13 February stroller model Surfer is a special offer.Choosing a stroller model Surfer brown and gray brand Prenatal gives customers one of the gifts - the holder of the bottle, pouch or tray organizer.The promotion is valid until complete sellout Chair Surfer.

3. Do your way to the street stair lift, turn or uncomfortable narrow corridor?

If there is a fairly wide elevator, you can safely choose a heavy carriage, despite the size.If you live in a house with no lift or elevator is there, but it is narrow, it is necessary to focus on choosing a lightweight stroller.In any case, before buying advise to measure the width of doorways and elevator with open doors.

4. Where will store stroller?

If you are afraid to leave the stroller gathered at a house entrance, and there is no room in the apartment, then you should choose a compact collapsible stroller model.Particularly useful in this case, the carriage having the opportunity folded stand without support.The Prenatal Milano parents can choose any model for your child from the classics to universal models.

5. Will you carry the stroller in the car?

Classic stroller chassis that can be installed not only the cradle, but also recreational seat stroller called combined "2 in 1".Wheelchair "3 in 1" allows the additional installation of a child seat.It is very convenient, because after traveling by car enough to remove from the trunk of the chassis and set it on the car seat with the baby.This child does not have to wake up and move, if at the time he drifted off the road.

Surfer in a wheelchair seat suitable for babies up to 10 kg, very convenient and easy, only about 3 kg.It has a 3-point safety belt and secure the carrying handle.

6. Do you want to place a child in a wheelchair - facing you or the direction of travel?

The combined wheelchair, such as Surfer brand Prenatal, the position of the modules can be changed during motion and against the motion.

enjoying a walk with the baby outdoors, do not forget about the safety of the baby.Always secure a child in a stroller seat belts and do not forget to put on the brakes the wheelchair when it does not carry.And never leave a baby in a stroller unattended, even for a short time.

with strollers brand Prenatal walks and travel will bring you and your kids only joyful emotions!