The natives knew that Columbus discovered!

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Personality of Christopher Columbus still fanned riddles.Scientists of our times are not decided on the date and place of his birth.On the role of the homeland claimed 14 cities.But the process of litigation is not finished yet, the struggle continues.But the main advantage of the great navigator is that discovered by Columbus, the son of a simple Genoese weaver, who devoted his life to identify new and shorter trade routes.

noble goals

young Christopher was very well-read, interested in astronomy and geography.He took part in many sea voyages, acquired skills pilot, Captain.

marrying young beauty Felipe, Christopher became a relative of the famous navigator, who in his youth was a member of the suite of Henry the Navigator.Father-Columbus offered to examine certain documents.They reflect the true facts from the life of the Portuguese sailors plied the Atlantic, Columbus cause burning desire to devote his life to the discovery of new sea routes.For many years he had to pester the authorities, the crowned heads of Portugal, England, France, receiving widespread failures before was equipped the first expedition to India.Christopher believed that the Earth was round, but he was sure that the size of small planets and reach the shores of the country, India can be more concise way.When considering the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered the answer must be sought by studying a brief chronology of his travels.

historic decision

Help came from Spain, whose financial situation was on the verge of collapse as a result of the war with the Arabs.To replenish the empty coffers, the country needed new lands for sale.The richest nobles were left without means of livelihood, and all that they were able to - to conduct wars of conquest.The Spanish royal family was ready to send them anywhere, to get rid of troubled Hidalgo.In addition, objectives and estimates that Columbus discovered the Spanish king, was allowed to conquer new lands and enslave the natives more.In the 15th century for the Spanish route to India along the African coast it was closed due to bad relations with the Portuguese, which prevented normal trade.

for a final decision the king had to coordinate the project with the Catholic Church.Given the new expansive capabilities, the church endorsed the draft travel tip.The King and the Catholic Church signed a contract with Christopher Columbus - surrender.According to the document, Columbus was promoted to admiral and became the king opened his new land.

error that brought glory and honor

expedition out to sea 3 August 1492.The flotilla consisted of three caravels, committed to the southwest.After the passage of the Sargasso Sea, sailors wandered among dense algae, finding the coast.The ships brewing rebellion and to avoid bloodshed, Columbus changed course once again to the southwest, and 12 October, the sailors saw the coast.Team members and Columbus decided that this is one of the islands of Japan.Going further, he found another island, and gave him the name of Hispaniola - Haiti today.

Having studied the climate and the appearance of the natives, the team realized - that Columbus discovered, quite unlike the previously discovered and described by travelers of the earth.On the island there was no trace of gold mining resources, the natives went naked, with no signs of interference in their lifestyle of other cultures.The island was rich in gold, which struck the imagination of sailors.Near the coast of Haiti, Columbus lost its biggest ship and crew members left on the island, having built a fort, fortified with guns, gunpowder, with large reserves of power.It was the first Spanish fort in the new land, called Navidad - Christmas, which were the first settlers.

Life after discovery

Upon returning to Spain, the admiral met as honorary citizen, but the land discovered by Columbus, were harassing the Portuguese crown.An important role in the settlement of this issue has played the church, through which passed the historic talks.Part of the eastern lands was given by the Portuguese authorities and to the west of the Azores - under the authority of the Spanish crown.

next three travel to the Spanish court opened the island of Jamaica, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, Lesser Antilles, and others. But the famous navigator until the day was convinced that he had discovered other, unexplored side of India, and therefore dubbed the new lands of the West Indies.

recognition on the part of ordinary people

Admiral in the last journey was very hard on the nobles, conquistadors, and they accused him of abuse of power and cruelty.Columbus concluded in irons, power met outrage of ordinary citizens and was forced to release the admiral returned to him all hard-won titles.Ordinary people were grateful for the fact that Columbus discovered.Many were glad to move from Spain and possess in the West Indies with a piece of his land.