Display of goods.

Quite often, coming out of the shop (especially supermarkets) home, and critically assessing the considerable volume of purchases (right and not), think about the reasons that motivate to make such reckless spending.But everything has a fairly logical explanation - merchandising, according to which a competent display of goods made on the trading floor.


logical consequence improvements and saturation of the market is becoming more intense competition, not only between manufacturers, but also between trade, on which often depends more on the end result of the efficiency of the entire production.That merchandising, t. E. A system of measures to increase sales in retail trade and the creation of an atmosphere conducive to this, contributes to the success of products.In a literal translation from English, the term refers to the process of trade.

The basic principles of marketing strategies are formed as a result of careful analysis of the behavioral patterns of customers.Thus, the basics of merchandising - in the drafting of clear, psychologically justified measures aimed at stimulating purchases.If we consider that on average more than 70% of the goods are purchased on impulse, without suspended a preliminary decision about the necessity of such a purchase, it becomes clear The increasing effectiveness of merchandising today.

correctness of the display of goods on the trading floor - as the first step, or the basics of merchandising - is to ensure maximum availability of products as well as the visual impact on the person, helping to attract his attention to the object of purchase.

marketing strategy

Properly organized display of goods in the store is the most significant part of the marketing strategy.One of the main conditions of merchantability product is its visual visibility, attractiveness.Analyzing the actual turnover, marketers have come to a pretty logical conclusion: the goods placed on shelves that are at the level of the human eye, have the highest sales.However, there are many other factors that have a significant impact on sales volumes.

Target areas

display of goods used to achieve a variety of narrowly focused and often overlaps with each other goals:

  1. increase in the volume of sales figures.
  2. Formation of consumer confidence in the product.
  3. Gain exposure to the brand to the consumer and the formation of persistent taste priorities.
  4. Increased competitiveness among products of the same name.
  5. Purchase deserved recognition in the successful promotion of products.

options presentation of goods

Different versions of presentation of the goods due to the specifics of individual trading proposals of consumer needs and tastes.

Stylistic or species grouping is made in the food, household and department store, where this type of accommodation is usually used to refer to all categories of goods.For example, in different parts of the store is located to the upper section of the summer collection of clothing and shoes, dry goods, and so on.

The basis of ideological groups is often any concept or simply reputation and image of the commercial facility.For example, salons, realizing furniture samples for full visual experience exhibit the most attractive specimens.At the same time around the interior reproduced in accordance with the fashion trends, highlighting the advantages of the advertised product.

color solution for display of goods tend to shops and boutiques with high trade margins, calculated on the wealthiest category of consumers.Such contingent attracts the brightness of the image, enabling them to buy.

Pricing grouping allows customers to evaluate and select a variety of range products at the most reasonable prices and large-scale lay-forming buyers an idea of ​​the low prices on a huge number of similar goods.

a frontal representation of a product in the unfolded state buyer show all of its features, the most highlighting their appeal.

placement departments and product groups

rationalize allocation of certain products in the sales area is a consequence of an adequate assessment of a number of fundamental factors:

  1. number of purchases per unit of time certain groups of goods, t. E. The frequency of their acquisition.
  2. dimensions and weight of products sold.
  3. number of different modifications of the goods.
  4. time and spatial distance required the buyer to inspect and review potential acquisition, as well as the selection of the most attractive things are presented on a shelf counterparts.

addition quantifiable factors, display of goods depends on the quality and texture of the proposed production, packaging, image and layout of the store, the profitability of certain product groups.

For example, in high-end stores and boutiques submitted products often combine their stylistic and color similarity.In shops with an average level of prices of goods are usually grouped according to size, and in retail outlets with the minimum prices they can be placed only in containers.

Routes movement

For maximum rationality in the use of commercial areas should be identified and the sequence of location of departments in the store as a whole, and the choice of the most suitable places for each section.Having considered the route formed a large store, experienced marketing departments with insignificant place, impulsive goods on the way to the section with the most frequent purchases.This means that a person seeking to acquire only certain things have to go through other departments that well-organized display of goods literally lures and forces to make the purchase.

art display of goods

methods used calculations of the goods traditionally dependent on the placement of products sold in relation to homogeneous products and specialized equipment.

In horizontal computation similar goods are placed evenly along the entire length of the shelf.Thus in one direction unit ranked by decreasing (or increasing) the volume for serial production, having the most overall and cheapest on the lower shelves.A product designed for quick implementation, must be in a maximum availability for the customer and in a certain way to attract attention.

With this arrangement, the least popular products, located near the more sought-after analogues are in high demand, partly borrowing their spending sympathy.

For vertical method calculations homogeneous products are on the shelves several rows: less overall and light - on the upper shelves, and their larger counterparts - on the bottom.This method improves the quality of the visual perception, and sufficiently comfortable for customers, regardless of their growth.Most often, it is a display of goods used in large salesrooms supermarkets.

Display method of computation performed by using additional points of sale, ie. E. On a separate stand firm or stand exhibited products in the most favorable light.Location of the stand is in no way linked to the actual place of realization of a particular product.


Presentation of goods to the buyer should be not chaotic, but in accordance with a pre-designed and made by hand or on a computer circuit (picture, drawing or photo), which is called planograms.It lays out each item assortment list should be represented as accurately as possible, indicating the precise location of each trading unit.Planogram display of goods is made according to the wishes of suppliers and buyers, as well as opportunities retailer.The time spent on its preparation, as a result greatly reduces the time required for product placement on the trading floor.In addition, the currently developed many software products significantly facilitate and accelerate the process of such detail.

merchandising display of goods must be approved by the head of the retail outlet and its subsequent changes, too, are subject to approval.

general principles

Depending on the specifics of the store and sell products, adhere to the development of merchandising a wide variety of positions.But the general principles of the display of goods are as follows:

  1. principle of clarity - is realized in a visually attractive and accessible for review.
  2. Achieving the highest performance at a reasonable cost justified (rational use of commercial equipment and space).Under each type of product highlighted area, approximately corresponding to the volume of their sales.The maximum area - for the Quick or the advertised goods;The latter, in turn, should be placed in the most visible parts of a trading hall.Do not forget about providing easy access to the product laid out.
  3. systemically.Placement and display of goods produced complex blocks, t. E. Things interconnected on any grounds, are grouped in one place.For example, household goods, and nearby - a showcase with kitchenware and so on. D.
  4. Compatibility nearby products in relation to each other, ie. E. Should be excluded the negative impact of commodity neighbors.We spread the coffee products should not be located next to the spices or wet products.Such neighborhood will negatively affect consumer properties of goods sold (coffee can he buy strange smell, and can give it to objects).
  5. Impulsively purchased items should be within walking distance from the products of high demand.For example, the regular alternation of expensive and cheap goods makes it possible to increase the profitability of the store, drawing attention to the diametrically opposite in their properties units.This should be provided by the aesthetics and safety of products is laid out.
  6. very important to monitor the adequacy calculations, t. E. The most complete representation of the available range, depending on the retail space, the specificity of point of sale and demand for the proposed list of goods as well as the whole complex of marketing policy.
  7. to create enticing image of the shop often enough (especially when it is opened) resorted to a reduction of trade margins, promotions and discounts.This marketing ploy is provided for the formation of stable sympathies of buyers to commercial properties.

Specificity calculations foodstuffs

Realize food products is intended to provide not only affordable, but also maximum safety.Depending on storage conditions, packaging used and other factors, using different methods for their sale.The liquid products in bottles convenient to have several rows of shelves, sometimes directly into the boxes.Meat, fish and delicatessen - in refrigerated display cases, put on display for the buyer sliced ​​goods in the most attractive way.Packaged products (or packages) are laid out neatly in rows or stacked on shelves, grouped by type of unit.

for bakery use-wall and island roller coaster, as well as special equipment, ensuring compliance with the sanitary standards of storage.Such a display of goods (photo shown above) is the most rational for its preservation.

Features computations industrial goods

for industrial products is characterized by the maximum differentiation of them into groups according to the types, and product designation.Clothing, for example, may be distributed on a trading hall, depending on the style, seasonality, sex and age and other characteristics.Hats are placed on special consoles and constructions of various configurations that allow the most profitable show this or that thing.Display of goods in the store allows you to plan the effective direction of the consumer flows, contributing to the profitability of the trading business.

is very important when planning calculations provide that the goods were not closed turn limits its visibility and accessibility.At the same time it face to be well presented eyes of the consumer.It is believed that the most favorable location of racks - on the left side of the direction of movement of the main customer flow.With uniform loading of the goods on the shelves that part to which the maximum targeted marketing efforts should be about eye level, and in addition, it should be located near the cash register area.Gain exposure to consumer liking can be achieved through a variety of advertising media.The increase in turnover occurs at exhibiting the same product in several areas of the commercial facility.

options product placement

Reasonableness of product placement in stores significantly increases sales.To attract the attention of the most spectacular buyer use quite different kinds of computations of goods involving special equipment:

  1. shelves and racks.
  2. counters and special exhibitions.
  3. Wire baskets and floor pans.
  4. separate booth location.
  5. Automatic dispensers.
  6. advertised package, beautiful boxes, and so on. D.

look very impressive exhibition of goods for promotional packages.High-quality and expensive printing, competently provided by the manufacturer, especially interest the visitors to the store, attracting attention in the first place to himself.

Features merchandising in the pharmacy

use of competent marketing strategy in the pharmacy network has some features in relation to other commercial facilities.Merchandising at the pharmacy - a complex activity to increase sales through promotional activities designed to attract the attention of consumers to the OTC.One of the major features of the pharmacy outlet is the specificity of consumer psychology, expressed often in a rather shy behavior: The client is trying to get as much information on display, before asking questions, such as pharmaceuticals against fungal or sexually transmitted diseases, as well as other, quite intimate medicines.Pharmacies rubricators developed a certain system, which facilitate the search for the required information on the therapeutic groups of medications.

In addition, searching the medicine, the potential buyer visits the trading floor and inadvertently becomes interested in other medications that he needed before (but it was not possible to buy them) and those who buy it today or in the future.

Zoning pharmacy calculations

Traditionally display of goods produced in the pharmacy, taking into account zoning, most easier to find drugs.Almost every pharmacy identified the following areas:

- products sold without a prescription.This is a fairly voluminous calculations, in which drugs are placed on areas of their application.

- A special place is reserved for herbs and nutritional supplements, a variety of homeopathic medicines.

- A lot of vitamin complexes, products for diabetics and people trying to lose weight, are located in a separate area.Here you can also find a variety of modifications of drugs for people leading a healthy lifestyle.

- Different variations of natural and decorative cosmetics (toothpaste and creams to lipsticks and gaskets).

- Medical equipment and tools care, orthopedic products and compression jerseys.