To hide the phone in the exam: Tips

At all times people tried learning to rely on luck or a traditional Russian "maybe."Previously used cribs, tips, wrote "bomb" and replaced the sheets with the answers on the ticket.But now more and more need for paper cribs no longer - what they need, if there is such a thing as a phone, mobile Internet, the camera in the mobile phone and tablets, which can, if desired, though all the scientific university library download.Now, instead of the question of how to effectively hide a crib in socks, pockets, and a skirt, studiozusov tortured questions about where to hide the phone in the exam.

And faced with this problem, not only school-age children, but also quite adult uncles and aunts, who give the rights.Look at the popularity of the question "How to download SDA-examination on the phone" and you'll understand.Among other things, the Internet is now possible to find answers to all the questions on the exam, as well as at school and university programs that can be downloaded to your phone in a convenient format, and then once in the form of tests.

And yet, where to hide the phone in the exam?Whether on our strict teacher, the answer would be one - hide his house and rent is fair.But do not be too harsh.There are several options how to fool the teachers in using mobile technology.

The first and easiest way to where to hide the phone in the exam - leave it in the bag, but wear ear wireless headset and at the entrance exam to call a friend or classmate that he could hear everything what is happening and help advice in his ear.This method is primarily for holders of long hair - for them to disguise the subject easier, the main thing - do not puncture on such trifles, as an attempt to remove the hair behind the ear in the process of examination.

second method starts all from the same paper cribs.How to hide the phone in the exam?Just like the previous generation hidden "bomb" - the waistband of your trousers or skirt, sweater sleeve sweaters or if the sleeves are different suitable length and width.In general, if the phone belongs to a class of super smartphones, its no problem to hide even behind cover record book.Another option - a secret pocket sewn under his clothes in the place where it will be easy to remove under the desk.Well, another hiding place, where to hide the phone in the exam, can take advantage of the fair half of mankind.Imagine yourself fatal ladies and attach the phone for elastic stockings during the campaign for the exam.

And actually, no phone will not save if the head wind will walk.So just in case, better to read at least once the answers to exam questions - and podstrahuetes, and in my head that something settles.And remember, do not underestimate the enemy.If you have not once been written off from the phone test, it does not mean that you are elusive for the teacher.Most often, they see perfectly, who, how and where debits on the exam, just do not always show up offenders.