Information boards wall and floor

Information boards - is adapted to receive various kinds of information.Usually it consists of the following components:

- base (flat sheet material desired thickness and hardness);

- image (necessary drawings and text are printed on vinyl film or cut on the cutting plotter of different colors of vinyl);

- devices for removable media;

- fasteners.

In the manufacture of these products is often used protective plexiglass and profile which surrounds the perimeter of all the product components and gathers together.

Information boards are wall and floor.Actual presence of the wall stands in schools, kindergartens, shops and other organizations.For example, in secondary schools are needed to accommodate class schedules.Such stands are made static.They are usually made of a plastic base to which is attached a paper carrier with information and closed on top of a transparent acrylic glass (in order vandal).To keep all the pieces together - use an aluminum or plastic profile.The design is fixed to the wall with the help of loops.

Another type - information boards.Stands, where you can place frequently changing information.For this purpose plastic substrate using double-sided tape pasted transparent Plexiglas pockets, each for one sheet of paper.Such offices can be quite a lot.These stands are located in offices, shops, offices and other similar areas.

More Information boards used in greeting or promotional purposes.To do this, pvc plastic glued full-color image on a vinyl film.Then create a place for text placement.This may be a transparent plastic pocket (which is embedded paper) or cork, to which with decorative buttons attached card.

as such stands are used and the board with a special vinyl covering.On the information which is fastened with magnets.This is useful when you want to place frequently changing information.Magnetic vinyl is cut with scissors to make the desired shape and then glued to the plastic using a special adhesive.

Floor information stands primarily for its convenient mobility.Move them to a different location is usually not difficult.

They consist of these parts:

- static design, which keeps the vehicle in the desired position (for interior stands most commonly used base in chromed pipe or specially processed composite material);

- the main surface (hard sheet material that easily holds its shape and is usually applied in this case, composite or metal alloy, at least - plastic or plexiglass);

- a place to put information handout (it may be pockets of Plexiglas or metal rod);

- name (application or a plaque with the title).

Information stands firmly established in the various spheres of activity.Choose the most suitable for your purposes!