Sporting competitions - the path to a healthy lifestyle

Sports competitions are loved by children and adults of activity, excitement and variety.No entertainment so can not energize and elevate mood, as sports games.In these competitions, you can participate as a singly or entire families and teams.Competitive spirit and sense of community can rally the team complete strangers, so often used by the organizers of sports competitions when you need to quickly met and befriended a large number of children or adults.It is also advisable to use this kind of entertainment on holiday and among long-serving employees, to enable to look at each other in an unusual situation, to open a new and interesting quality colleagues.

use of sports equipment allows to diversify competitions and make them more spectacular.Interesting competitions for children can be arranged, if you use the ball, skittles, skipping ropes, hoops, etc.. Sports equipment.

For example, a very simple contest for the youngest participants who are able to consider: children are in a circle and thro

w a ball to each other.First, throwing, he says: "One."The second replies, "Two" - and so on.Exit the participant who would call the wrong number, then it is eliminated, and the game begins again.

You can also hide the pins and give the job to collect them.Those who gather the most, is the winner.Everyone's favorite "potato" is still more suitable for mature companies, as it implies to calculate the force of impact.

Elementary catch-up can be complicated, inviting participants to catch a runaway in the hoop.

If suddenly at hand was not the inventory, then hold sports competitions may be using a completely different means.Replacing the ball

empty plastic bottles, you can make a baton while holding the bottle between his knees.The winner is the team in which none of the participants dropped the bottle while running.

using pebbles, shells or cones, you can arrange a baton, as a result of which each participating team will have to put any picture or word.

Light small balls can be made of crumpled paper or newspaper, wrapping it with duct tape, and used to hitting the target.

competition for children on the street will allow to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy its various features.

interesting contest, which is able to captivate children for a long time, can become this: the children entrusted to collect beautiful bouquet for mom and deliver it.Who will make the biggest and most beautiful bouquet, he is the winner.

Jumping rope can be complicated, inviting to jump on different surfaces: sand, grass, water and others.

apply beautiful twig or flower, you can play the traditional game of "Freeze-otomri."

The simplest relay can be carried out using up the baton, and a wreath of flowers and herbs, which the participants will wear each other.

Sports competitions are able to significantly diversify leisure and to bring him the elements of both cooperation and competition.In addition, they will contribute to the inculcation of healthy lifestyles in children and adults.