Open Day at the school - a requirement of contemporary society

school today - the object of intense scrutiny and debate in society.Parents interested in the atmosphere that surrounds the children and the quality of education.Open Day at the school will be able to satisfy the interests of mothers and fathers in this direction.Such measures must be permanent, not only to acquaint all concerned sectors of society with the life of the institution, but also to inform about various reforms in the education sector.

to gain the necessary partnerships and provide feedback to the parent community is necessary to organize an open day at the school.The scenario of this festival is to develop a creative group of teachers, students and members of the parent committee.Then it will be possible to take into account the interests of all participants in the educational process.You can invite representatives of the media to cover the event in the press.

script open day at the school should be as rich and interesting.It is necessary to include activities that will demonstrate all

aspects of the educational environment of the school.The program can make a meeting with the administration, members of lessons and concert performances.Parents should be warned in advance.You must also choose a convenient time to visit.Open Day at the school better timed to some holiday, then it will be easier to show the whole system works in the context of a single day.Current will be holding this event at the beginning of the school year.

to qualitatively organize an open day at the school, in the scenario can include the following activities:

  1. meeting of representatives of parents' committees with the administration.
  2. small tour of the school where the lobby decorated exhibition of children's creativity.Creation students clearly show the level of development of students' subjects (technology, plumbing and carpentry affairs) and work circles.
  3. Open lessons education cycle (not necessarily show the whole lesson, it is enough to plan several elements in the core disciplines, such as mathematics, native language, physics, chemistry, literature, etc.).
  4. Open lessons developmental cycle: physical education, music, choreography, visual art, etc..
  5. Parent Meeting classes.Where mom and dad can get acquainted with the educational system of the group and the level of requirements for children.
  6. Reflection.It is necessary to organize an open dialogue with parents so that they can express their views and wishes.

unit open lessons developmental cycle can be replaced by a concert program that shows the conditions created for self-realization of creative abilities of students.Open Day at the school could end sports festival, which will bring together not only parents with children, but also teachers.

Systematic such measures will make the educational process more transparent and closer to what a positive impact on the quality of work in the direction of the family-school.